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Capitol Hill high school kids get out the vote — Plus, Hill-area election night parties

As the final ballots are collected — you have until 8 PM Tuesday to either drop yours off or get it postmarked — a handful of Capitol Hill high school kids have been helping with campaigns and candidates while getting a taste of the reality of democracy in the USA: It’s hard to get people to vote.

“This is an experience the students will likely remember the rest of their lives. Most of them note, now that they’ve been on the other side of solicitations and door-to-door canvassing, they will respond differently when they’re on the receiving side again!” Scott Davis, who has been teaching Law and Society at the Northwest School for fourteen years and whose students are participating in the project, tells CHS.

“They’re also struck by how many voters they encounter who seem ‘too busy’ to concern themselves with the issues. The students usually come away from the experience pledging that they won’t let that happen to them,” he writes.

The senior Northwest students are required to pick a project and turn in a portfolio showcasing their work to get out the vote. Students are required to put in at least 18 hours a week towards their projects and more so if it’s a major election year. The most common ways to get involved are canvassing neighborhoods and making phone calls urging people to vote.

Vincent Mougin, right, chose Prop 1 while fellow student Steven Ma put his work behind I-594 (Image: Northwest School)

Vincent Mougin, right, chose Prop 1 while fellow student Steven Ma put his work behind I-594 (Image: Northwest School)

Vincent Mougin chose to help inform people about Proposition 1. “One guy went on a tirade about the Metro system, calling it ineffective which is not true as it has improved a lot,” Mougin said. “Another guy, who had ten cars said that he really doesn’t want to pay more for his car tabs because he has ten cars and doesn’t drive the bus so that is understandable,” Mougin said. He said that he will take his voting rights seriously and is considering majoring in political science in the future.

Capitol Hill Area Election Night Parties
Let’s talk about the really important issues. Three of the campaigns have chosen Capitol Hill-area venues for their Election Night celebrations.

  • Supporters of Seattle Proposition 1B for subsidized preschool will hold their party at Sole Repair, 1001 E Pike. The party begins at 7:30 PM with speakers taking the stage after the ballot drop around 8:30 PM.
  • The party for Seattle Transportation Benefit District Proposition 1 (the Metro bus funding measure) will take place around the corner from the 1B party at the Comet Tavern. This party also begins around 7:30 PM.
  • The Jess Spear Campaign Election Night Party is planned for 6 to 10 PM at E Madison’s Harbor Pointe Coffeehouse.

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