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Manao Thai Street Eats: Lots of experience, lots of spices at 13th and Pine — UPDATE: Thudsuan Kitchen & Bar now open

(Image: Manao)

(Image: Manao)

A new Thai restaurant opening up on Capitol Hill may not be the biggest news but Manao Thai Street Eats owners Montida Lertkiasakul and Teeraya Cezaux are passionate food lovers with a lot of experience in the restaurant business. Manao opened in a new apartment building at 13th and Pine earlier this fall.

“We used to hang out here  and we love the neighborhood. People walk around all the time. It’s a busy place,a fun city and people look for a good place to eat, rain or no rain,” Cezaux said.

Lertkiasakul moved to the country from Thailand thirteen years ago while Cezaux has been here since 1992. They both have been restaurant owners in the past and are friends as well.

When you walk into the restaurant, you’ll see a series of jars full of spices neatly kept on the counter. From different kinds of dried mushrooms to variety of dried peppers, a lot of spices are used to make Thai dishes and the owners are trying hard to serve up a fully authentic experience. “We use Chinese broccoli which is what we use in Thailand. It costs a little bit more but it doesn’t matter. We want to present it the way we present in Thailand,” Cezaux said.

The owners said that it took them a long time to finalize the menu. “We narrowed it down to the ones we thought would be the best and also (so) some of our dishes would be unique,” Lertkiasakul said. Chicken satay skewers has been a best seller. People also seem to like the Thai hot wings, Cezaux said.

“Everything is different from other people even the taro crispy rolls. You will not find that anywhere,” Lertkiasakul said.

The menu ranges from starters like fresh rolls, to salads and soups and main course entrees like spicy cashew nuts, phad Thai, and basil fried rice. Most items are priced between $9 and $11. The $3 Thai iced tea and the Thai iced coffee have also been good sellers.

“I would say come try our food. Our restaurant is more like casual dining and you can take out but once you sit down, it is very welcoming,” Cezaux said.

Manao is located at 1222 E Pine. It is open Monday through Saturday 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM and noon to 9 PM on Sundays. Learn more at

Thudsuan Kitchen and Bar opens
UPDATE 11/8/2014 4:00 PM: Firstly, thank the gods for Thai food. Second, such it is with the strength of Thai dining in Seattle that the day CHS runs a little reintroduction of a recently opened Thai joint, one of the other new Thai-flavored ventures in the neighborhood is also ready for business. Thudsuan Kitchen and Bar is now open at 19th and Madison. Like Manao, Thudsuan features some area restaurant veterans getting together to give their cuisine a new spin as part of the bustling and often profitable Capitol Hill food and drink scene. We introduced you earlier this year to the restaurant project taking over a built-out space left behind by Dulces. We’ll stop by for a visit soon. In the meantime, a neighbor and fan writes:

You guys should see about a followup; the new place just opened and honestly, everything I’ve tried has been awesome so far. I’d love to see them get a little press, since the food is good and the owners are just so nice. It’s SUCH an improvement all around, and I’m looking forward to trying the happy hour, too.

You’ll find Thudsuan at 1818 E Madison. You can learn more at

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