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Pixie Pop-up is a magical place sharing raw and baked treats from a 12th Ave doorway

(Images: Pixie Pop-up)

(Images: Pixie Pop-up)

About 10 years ago, Meghan Kroh had a wholesale baking business called Pixie making vegan treats. The business did well, but after about a year and a half, it got to be too much for her.

“I wasn’t prepared for the success,” Kroh said.

But she’s decided to dip her toe back into the baking game with Pixie Pop-up, selling treats and snacks Saturdays in front of People’s Kombucha at 1711 12th Ave.

This time around not all of the goods will be vegan, though vegans will certainly have lots of options, Kroh said. Instead she is focusing on using organic ingredients and cooking “raw.”


Fairy Fuel truffles

Raw cooking, according to Kroh, means that the temperature never goes above 118 degrees. Keeping it below that temperature is designed to preserve enzymes and not degrade the food’s natural vitamins and minerals.

10708527_554425211370358_1540131748791588124_oSince her ingredients focus on fruits and nuts (no eggs in sights) she doesn’t have to worry about the low temperature cooking leaving bacteria alive, she said.

Her goods are likely to hit many of today’s dietary hot buttons. About 90% of her ingredients are organic, there is nothing processed, no GMOs and no pesticides. She does not use refined sugar in anything. She generally uses spelt flour with an eye toward minimizing the amount of gluten in her products. There will be options for vegans, paleos, folks watching their gluten, and pretty much everyone else. Even dogs will have biscuits available.

“I like to have options for everybody,” she said.

She cautioned, however, that while she will likely have some treats for most every sort of diet, not everything will be friendly for everyone. For example, while many treats will be vegan, some might use organic butter or honey. And while some might be good for people watching their gluten, people who have celiac disease should exercise caution.

If you have any questions, though, Kroh will be on hand, and able to tell you what is in any given pastry.

But Kroh is happier talking about what is in her foods rather than what’s not in them. She focuses on nuts, dates and herbs (she works as an herbalist, among other jobs). She also includes what she calls superfoods, like cacao, maca and ashwaganda.

10272593_550792615066951_3730913335082565839_o (1)Kroh said she believes these sorts of foods can help improve mood and energy level. Science? Ask a fairy.

Kroh said she plans to rotate her lineup of baked goods, which will usually cost between $2 and $6. She expects to offer cookies, muffins, scones and cakes, along with oreo-style cookies, peanut butter cups and power balls (sort of like a bar but spherical). While she might give some previews on her Facebook page, she won’t always — a concept which she says fits with the pixie name, since pixies are sometimes mischievous spirits.

“I like the idea of people coming and not knowing exactly what’s there,” she said.

To wash it down, she plans to offer tea and kombucha.

Pixie Pop-up will generally be open from 10 AM to 1 PM. Saturdays, but may occasionally offer expanded hours. Hours, dates of possible closures and more information is available on her Facebook page.

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4 thoughts on “Pixie Pop-up is a magical place sharing raw and baked treats from a 12th Ave doorway

  1. Neat! Good luck to her in this enterprise. I make these types of treats for myself at home but I know not everyone does. And it would be a cool place to pop by on a date. Plus just to experience new varieties. I like that it wouldn’t always be the same. So is 12th the new Broadway now?

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