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Police say charged 17-year-old responsible for string of Capitol Hill robberies — Plus, a look at stats after emphasis patrols

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.55.05 PMDid those Pike/Pine emphasis patrols work to quell street robberies on Capitol Hill? SPD said yes in early October. CHS looked at the numbers. As the patrols played out, a quieter October did, indeed, reverse the summer’s rising robbery and pickpocket/phone grab trend. Overall, however, 2014’s robbery totals are nearly identical to the totals through October 2013. Meanwhile, a 17-year-old police say was one of the main perpetrators in this year’s string of Capitol Hill street robberies has been charged in a late September carjacking.

Here’s a look at at the monthly tallies from 2013 to through October 2014:Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.51.38 PM

Like the dip in auto related crimes in the area we noted here, it does appear that monthly robbery totals around Capitol Hill continue to drop in coincidence with the increased police presence around Pike/Pine. Looking at the longer range trends below, you’ll also note that levels are still well above past years. You might also note that population increases in Central Seattle neighborhoods and the increased popularity of Pike/Pine nightlife likely are part of the longterm trends.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.51.21 PM

Police say 17-year-old Rayshon Blackwell has admitted to being a big part of the latest street robbery surge. Charging documents include an SPD report based on an interview of with alleged carjacker:

I then asked Blackwell about all of the robberies occurring in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle and asked him how many robberies he was responsible for. Blackwell was told there were approximately 22 robbery cases in the file and he said he was responsible for “probably 15” of them. Blackwell couldn’t remember specific dates, but said all he knows is he, “iust snatches and grabs or socks a guy and grabs and gets going.” Blackwell is told that his cousin is looking at a firearms enhancement when he is charged and Blackwell said he “did not have a full clip he only had one bullet in that whole entire clip.”

CHS reported on the Los Angeles arrest of Blackwell and others in the Ford Fusion that police say the group of teens drove to California after this late September pistol whipping and carjacking on the backside of Pike/Pine. Blackwell now faces first degree robbery charges as an adult due to the serious nature of the crime. Back in Washington after extradition from Southern California, he is scheduled to enter a plea on the charge later this month.

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10 thoughts on “Police say charged 17-year-old responsible for string of Capitol Hill robberies — Plus, a look at stats after emphasis patrols

  1. Since this perp has admitted to so many robberies (sounds like he was actually boasting), why not just do away with the legal niceties and sentence him to years in prison? Yes, I know this is not possible, but I can dream. Once he gets lawyered up, no doubt he will end up with a light sentence of some sort.

  2. At least he will be of legal age to be put in jail for years rather than days within a year. You have bright future ahead of you kid.

  3. Fortunately his bail is set pretty high at $500,000. I wish King County Corrections would join the 21st century and publish mug shots/booking photos — it would be appropriate for the community to see/know who is victimizing people in the neighborhood and city.
    A search of Blackwell’s social media shows an illuminating profile pic — glorifying gunned robberies.

    • Join the 21st century? Don’t you mean the 19th century? I’m glad Washington state doesn’t allow posting booking photos of people who have not been convicted of a crime. Sorry, this isn’t the wild west anymore.

      • So you would object to police posting a “person of interest” picture as well? We should just go with non-nondescript descriptions I guess. lol

      • So the cops don’t appreciate you investigating police malfeasance or gvt corruption, so they decide you’re a “person of interest” in a child pornography matter. Even if you know nothing about it. It’s ok for them to publish your picture even if you’re never charged, right? “LOL”.

      • Your example is bunk, because it’s illegal/unethical and so in your example it would not matter that they “cant” publish booking photos because they just would anyway.

        But yes, if you are suspected of actually having child porn and they have an image of you, publish away.

        As they have done before.

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