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Still fighting, Atomic Cosmetics gets another Capitol Hill boost with Le Faux at Julia’s benefit

10306626_10152421857083045_1060809227391893202_n (2)The community of Atomic Cosmetics supporters continues to rally to boost the unique E Pike retailer and manufacturer beset by financial difficulties after its owner said a business loan fell through.

Sunday night, an all-star cast of drag performers lead by host Kristie Champagne will hold a benefit edition of Le Faux at Julia’s to raise money to help keep the Atomic’s Capitol Hill shop open:

This is the mother of all benefits, people! We have the cast of “Le Faux” at Julia’s on Broadway, The One The Only Inga, Waxie Moon, Eddie Van Glam and The’Trojan Original and Kitty Kitty Bang Bang performing, as well as a live auction full of awesome goodies! You don’t want to miss this. Get your tickets today, and help save Atomic Cosmetics / Xerion Skin Science!

10306626_10152421857083045_1060809227391893202_n (2)CHS reported on owner Jennifer Dietrich’s call for help and quest to raise $100,000 in October.

CHS has learned more about the financial difficulties surrounding the business. Shawn Dietrich tells CHS that he decided he did not want to be part of a business loan required to keep Atomic afloat after his decision to seek a divorce from Jennifer. He declined to comment further on the situation citing the advice of his attorney. Jennifer Dietrich also declined to comment on the divorce.

She did talk about the personal situation that has impacted her business in this recent interview:

Well, it’s a complicated story, but basically, my husband and I were business partners, and we are in the process of divorcing. This has created a large amount of financial strain on the both of us, and as a result, on the business. We had planned an expansion, and had secured an SBA loan to do so, but now, due to the divorce, that is not happening. In addition, the business account was compromised, leaving us essentially at zero. I was ready to give up, but then after talking to the team, we decided it wasn’t going to go down without a fight. So we set up the gofundme campaign, and threw that Hail Mary.

The online fundraising gift certificate sales drive continues here — Dr. Jen says that at just over $14,000, they’re at about half of what she would like to raise. “Thanks to the fundraising efforts, we’re probably going to make it,” Jennifer Dietrich tells CHS.

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4 thoughts on “Still fighting, Atomic Cosmetics gets another Capitol Hill boost with Le Faux at Julia’s benefit

  1. This isn’t a judgement or anything but a sincere question. How exactly does one put on a fund raiser for a for-profit business. I’ve worked in non-profit for over 12 years now and I find this idea completely baffling. It is my understanding that the way for-profit businesses get capital is by selling stock or a part of the company to investors.

    I would be surprised if this is actually even legal. But maybe a lawyer or tax person who is reading this would know.

  2. Tons of people raise funds for business (and for individuals) idea online – this isn’t so different. The contributions aren’t tax-deductible to the donor, and the recipient should be listing the contributions as income, but I don’t think there is a legal reason it can’t be done.

    I’m sure that publishing one’s personal details is hard, but this explanation does make the need for cash far more understandable, and erases questions I had about the business. One of my favorite wine shops in the city closed a few years ago because it was owned by a couple who divorced. I certainly would have pitched in to help if there had been a chance to keep it afloat.

  3. So in the prior article, it said she was doing an online fundraiser for !100,000 and now she’s saying 14,000 is “just about half” of what she needs. So she never needed the other $72,000?! Last I checked, basic accounting and a business plan is part of running a business.

    As for the fundraiser, do donors to that get the same promise of return in store credit as those who donate to the online campaign? I don’t think so as there is no way to track that. Just seems like she’s trying to minimize losses but the business is going under. This whole thing is just pathetic. And all for makeup, the very definition of hiding the truth of the face. Something’s fishy in all this.

  4. This is just a pathetic attempt to keep open a vanity project for Dr. Jenn by preying on the stupidity of the vapid. Have at it of people are that stupid. She lives on everything being “fabulous,” bragging about champagne and her photos with drag queens but business wise, it makes no sense to have that huge rent sucking Barbie’s Dream House open when she has an online business except she and her troupe of self proclaimed fabulous people need a place to go every day and get drunk.

    Self employed businesses are what make Capitol Hill great and I happily patronize the bars, restaurants, clothing stores but they get my money for services and work hard for it and earn my respect. From the relationships with them over the years, they may have bad months, bad years, but it’s never been anyone else’s problem. Crowdfunding, kickstarter, gofundme, indiegogo, people seem to think it’s perfectly okay to put a tin cup on the internet with no shame. Well Shame Is Good!