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Tex-Mex Rooster’s to breathe new life into long-empty Broadway restaurant space

10574283_965377303477461_5293384855435848015_nA north Broadway restaurant and lounge space left charred and empty after a suspected arson fire three years ago this week will spring back to life in early 2015.

Rooster’s Bar and Grill is lined up to debut soon in the old Galerias space in the 600 block of Broadway E:

Rooster’s Bar & Grill is Seattle’s newest Tex Mex restaurant. Opening early 2015 by the creators of the original Bing’s in Madison Park.

CHS spoke to the project’s backer, Stan Moshier, earlier this year as he worked to prepare the old, burnt out Galerias space for a new tenant. At the time, Moshier, a once and (it turns out) future restaurateur, told us he wasn’t signed up to take the space. But it looks like plans have changed. Moshier also said the former Galerias space was large enough for multiple tenants — we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for a Rooster’s neighbor.1800346_965290610152797_4481397077340197437_n

The Tex-Mex play with full bar comes from Moshier and Lori Campbell. In 2011, the couple sold Madison Park’s Bing’s saying they were “ready to move on to the next thing.” As you can see from the video, they’re not messing around with this one. Check out those special effects!

Rooster’s planned 2015 opening might close the book on the Galerias story — but only partly. The early morning November 17th, 2011 fire gutted the restaurant. Investigators would eventually determine that the $800,000 fire was intentionally set. It was part of a tough final year for the much-loved Mexican restaurant and lounge that had operated on Broadway for more than a decade. Earlier that year, the restaurant was also hit in a burglary in which $50,000 in cash was reportedly stolen. CHS is not aware of any arrests made related to the burglary or the arson and former owner Ramiro Rubio has not responded to our past attempts to contact him about the incidents.

As for Rooster’s, we suppose we might say that your Tex-Mex options on Broadway are about to double — Nacho Borracho opened just four Broadway blocks south of the Rooster’s border in early 2014.

Rooster’s Bar and Grill will open at 611 Broadway E by “2015.” You can learn more at

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23 thoughts on “Tex-Mex Rooster’s to breathe new life into long-empty Broadway restaurant space

  1. WordPress sites continue to be a big mess. I’m not sure why people continue to use WordPress sites since they perform so absolutely horribly.

  2. Nice to this empty space finally put to good use.
    On a similar note what is going on with the space vacated by the Grill??

  3. Super excited to see this come in. I live a couple of blocks away and have been hoping it gets a new tenant soon; good Tex-Mex is also something the neighborhood desperately needs. Hopefully they won’t be charging $20 for fajitas and $15 for enchiladas like the only other options seem to do.

  4. This sounds very promising. Bing’s in Madison Park is a nice, neighborhood restaurant with moderate prices…so hopefully Rooster’s will be along those same lines. There are many excellent, but expensive, restaurants in Seattle…..but moderately priced places with good food are hard to come by.

    • Unfortunately, that’s not entirely in their hands: a big component of restaurant prices is the rent, and on Broadway that’s never cheap.

  5. Not to say anything against this undertaking, and it sounds like it will be good. But I really wish somebody would try opening a restaurant on C.H. that serves any of the MANY MANY cuisines totally untapped on C.H. or Seattle in general. We’re already sort of up to our gills in Mexican, Thai, Sushi, Pho, burgers, sandwiches, teriyaki, blah blah blah…. they’re all good, but sheesh–there are quite a few cuisines in Seattle that are either barely represented, or not at all.

    • Indeed. Just this weekend, my girlfriend and I were lamenting the lack of reasonably-priced breakfast place options on Capitol Hill. We wanted more than muffins or scones from a coffeeshop, but didn’t want to pay $15 for a couple of eggs and pancakes. I would love to see a local joint come in and offer omelettes, pancakes, waffles, etc. without the excessively-high prices.

      Would also like to see a good German or Lebanese restaurant on the north side of the hill.

    • How about a Doner kebab shop? You’d think there would be more of them around, considering Seattleites love to pretend they live in Europe.

  6. I just want a regular old diner or coffee shop. Someplace where you can get an omelet or a piece of pie like a normal person.

    • And you speak as if there were no such places available. There’s already Glo’s on Olive Way, Charlie’s on Broadway, Lost Lake on 10th Avenue or if you don’t mind going commercial IHOP on East Madison near 10th Avenue. Yes, I miss Eggcetera but that ship has passed.

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