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‘This is a peaceful rally’ — At Broadway and Pine, calls for a federal investigation in Ferguson

(Images: CHS)

(Images: CHS)

IMG_6328A second day of protest in Seattle over the decision to not charge a Ferguson, Missouri police officer in the shooting death of Michael Brown brought out a much younger crowd of students and organizers for a march from 23rd and Union across Capitol Hill to downtown’s federal courthouse.

“This is a peaceful rally and anybody that’s going to be part of this is gonna be peaceful,” an organizer shouted through a bullhorn as the march paused in the intersection of Broadway and Pine before continuing downhill Tuesday afternoon.

Many of the students protesting Tuesday called for a federal investigation of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the August slaying. CHS spoke with students from area schools Garfield High School and the Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences participating in the march. Seattle Public Schools said that more than 1,000 students walked out at Garfield Tuesday afternoon.

Monday night’s protests were mostly peaceful until later in the night when crowds pushed their way onto I-5 and tangled with police resulting in five arrests.

Tuesday’s rally and march was organized by the King County Seattle NAACP.

Monday night, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray issued a statement on the grand jury decision:

My message to the young African American men in Seattle today is this: While we do not have the answers today, we in this city are listening to you. Your city hears you. And your city loves you.

UPDATE 9:40 PM: A smaller group of around 75 protesters marched again from downtown to Capitol Hill Tuesday night. As of 9:30 PM, there were no reports of arrests.

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15 thoughts on “‘This is a peaceful rally’ — At Broadway and Pine, calls for a federal investigation in Ferguson

  1. Um, stop me if you’ve heard this– but do any of these protestors actually READ the news instead of just protest? There’s already a Federal Investigation, isn’t there? Eric Holder specifically said the State’s finding does not end the Federal investigation.

  2. Mr. Mayor,

    Instead of meaningless, feel-good “your city loves you” messages, how about a little LEADERSHIP?

    These are young, idealistic students. They should be reminded by their leaders that we live under the rule of law. The grand jury system, with its lower threshold (“probably cause”) and less than unanimous vote needed to indict, protects us all, these kids included, from the passions of the moment and from mob rule.

    I mean, c’mon, man!

  3. J.T. Williams. Why has this not been brought up at all? And If so I have missed it.
    How quickly we forget and how quickly Seattle jumps on the conclusion bandwagon.

  4. I have not forgotten J.T. Williams. Not only did I know of him from the area where he was killed, a lot of us knew of him but, more so sadly; after my first day of employment after a 1 1/2 year lay off, I walked home, & 2 blocks from my apartment, was a crime scene. I saw his body covered with a sheet. I laid flowers at the intersection where he was shot. So, no..not everybody has forgotten.

    • I left flowers too, and I note how the property has changed so much since then that it is unrecognizable as the same spot. I attended almost the entire inquest. I have heard JTW mentioned many times in the past few days, but there is a huge difference between the two incidents.

  5. Seven photos, numerous updates… why is CHS glorifying this nonsense?
    They aren’t protesters, they are people who threw away their televisions to be cool, and now they have nothing to do.

    • It’s a notable event in the neighborhood, so CHS is, like, doing its job? Maybe you oughta throw away your TV set and do a little research on what journalism entails.

    • I would love to poll this crowd and see how many of them know the answer to these extremely easy questions (that they should know, if they’ve been doing anything except reading headlines and watching sound bites):

      *how many people are on a Grand Jury?
      *how many votes on a Grand Jury are needed to indict?
      *what’s the difference between ‘murder’ and ‘manslaughter’?
      *did you vote this month? if you’re too young– did your parents?
      *who are your US Senators? Who’s your US House Rep?
      *how are the Feds involved now?

      What do you want to bet most of this crowd would fail most (or even all) of these questions?

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