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With Ferguson grand jury decision, Capitol Hill ‘Justice for Mike Brown’ rally planned — UPDATE: Protest crosses Hill from downtown to Central District

(Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

The crowd assembles early in the evening at Broadway and Pike (Images: Alex Garland for CHS)

A few hundred protesters marched up from downtown and met up with a group rallying at Seattle Central before observing a 4 1/2 minute moment of silence in the street on Broadway Monday night (Image: CHS)

A few hundred protesters marched up from downtown and met up with a group rallying at Seattle Central before observing a 4 1/2 minute moment of silence in the street on Broadway Monday night (Image: CHS)

UPDATE 6:26 PM: As word spread about the grand jury’s decision on no charges in the Michael Brown case, a group of around 400 protesters gathered in Westlake and took to the streets of downtown Seattle. Some reportedly planned to march to rally at Seattle Central’s Broadway plaza. A contingent of Seattle Police accompanied the crowd. There were no reports of arrests during the initial stages of the Monday night protest.

"Another shot of the Ferguson protesters at 20th and Madison" -- @stevepmitchell via Twitter

“Another shot of the Ferguson protesters at 20th and Madison” — @stevepmitchell via Twitter

8:07 PM: A portion of the downtown marchers made their way up Pike to Capitol Hill chanting and blocking the street and intersections as they traveled. Meeting up at Broadway and Pike with a smaller group that had rallied at Seattle Central, the combined crowd observed a moment of silence in memory of Brown before continue to march around Pike/Pine with a contingent of SPD bike officers following and others on patrol to steer cars and buses away from the tie-up. As of 8 PM, there were no reported arrests though people were seen shooting fireworks and taunting police.

The blocks around East Precinct headquarters were blocked off to traffic and the protest marched against the barriers repeatedly but remained mostly peaceful.

There were reports of smaller protests continuing elsewhere in the city including a group of around 10 at 23rd and Union. The large group of protesters on Capitol Hill was last reported heading east on Madison around 17th Ave.

8:52 PM: About 200 protesters made their way to 23rd Ave and Union and on to E Cherry where the group entered the Garfield Community Center and demanded that Seattle Police stationed inside for a community meeting on Ferguson leave the building. The officers reportedly exited without incident per East Precinct radio reports.

9:08 PM: The protest moved on from Garfield and was last reported near 23rd and Yesler headed for Jackson.

10:30 PM: Around 10:15 PM, protestors began entering I-5 from ramps at Madison and Hubbell at one point bringing the northbound lanes to a complete stop. One person was arrested as the freeway was cleared. A crowd of more than 100 was also reported headed east from the freeway up Seneca. There were reports of tagging and property damage to buildings in the area. Police and media at scene are reporting people in the crowd are throwing objects at officers. Police have used flash bangs and pepper spray in attempts to keep protestors off of the freeway and to disperse the crowd. Additional officers from across the city are being brought into the area around East Precinct according to police radio dispatches.

Thanks to Josh Kelety for the video and images above. Here is more coverage of the incidents around I-5 from Casey Jaywork.

10:45 PM: A large group of protesters has returned to Capitol Hill after a spate of property damage on First Hill including a shattered bank window along Madison. There were reports of rocks being thrown at police but we are not aware of any arrests during the Capitol Hill components of the night’s actions.

Police and protesters paused in a prolonged standoff at the barricades in the streets around the East Precinct.

11:26 PM: With activity continuing around 12th and Pike on Capitol Hill, there is word of more protest planned for Tuesday:

In solidarity with the African American community in Ferguson, MO, and to honor the memory of Michael Brown, we have been informed that the Seattle NAACP has called for a rally, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 25, at noon at 23rd & Union in Seattle’s Central District. Following the rally, there will also be a march from 23rd & Union to the Federal Court House.

11:45 PM: Following the long wait at 12th and Pike, several of the officers on bikes exited the area down Pike. The crowd reportedly cheered and many protesters began marching again westbound toward downtown.

3:30 AM: Police say there were five arrests during the protests.

Monday night, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray issued a statement on the grand jury decision:

My message to the young African American men in Seattle today is this: While we do not have the answers today, we in this city are listening to you. Your city hears you. And your city loves you.

Original report 11:33 AM: After major media outlets including CNN reported Monday will bring the announcement of a grand jury’s decision on whether to file charges against Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in August, Seattle is preparing for rallies and anti-police protests including a gathering planned for the Seattle Central plaza at Broadway and Pine.

Organizers have planned the rally for weeks and have been waiting for word of an announcement as the grand jury process wound down:

6 PM–DAY OF VERDICT –Westlake park


YOU CAN EITHER COME TO SCCC AT 7 PM and wait until the march comes to
seattle central community college around 7:30 pm or go down to Westlake park at 6 pm on DAY OF VERDICT

TEXT 4 UPDATES Regarding protest at 206-334-6007

Regardless of the verdict gather at 7pm (pacific) at Seattle Central Community College, #Trap Hill on the day of verdict (expected between Nov 10th and January, 2015).

“Diversity of tactics” and “be your own bodyguard” will be in FULL EFFECT.

October's protest -- “Hands up, don’t shoot” (Image: Alex Garland for CHS)

October’s protest — “Hands up, don’t shoot” (Image: Alex Garland for CHS)

In August, a small protest marched through the streets of Capitol Hill and onto Broadway in the wake of the killing of the black teenager by a white officer in Missouri. A larger contingent assembled outside the East Precinct at 12th and Pine in October in a rainy protest against police violence.

Seattle Police are prepared for “unrest along the lines of past May Day protests,” The Stranger reports.

CHS will be monitoring protest and police activity in the area and will update as needed. If you see or hear about anything people should know about, call or txt (206) 399-5959 or email us at You can also follow @jseattle on Twitter for breaking news update.

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  1. Lots of armchair jurors and judges out tonight in one of the least black cities in the nation. All I know is I almost accidentally ran over a few protesters who were in the middle of the street – fortunately the police were tailing them and closing streets to make sure everyone stays safe.

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