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Capitol Hill library to close for three-week New Year makeover

The Capitol Hill library is a special place, open to all and full of knowledge, resources, and ways to pass the day. After serving all for 12 years, it’s time for a refresh. The Harvard Ave E branch will be closed for around three weeks to start 2015, the Seattle Public Library announced Monday.

Starting January 12th, will get new carpeting and some needed upgrades to its stairs along with some other housekeeping. CHS noted the project in the City of Seattle’s 2015 budget among a roster of Capitol Hill line items.

More on the closure and the upgrades, below.

The Seattle Public Library’s Capitol Hill Branch, 425 Harvard Ave. E., is scheduled to temporarily close effective Monday, Jan. 12, 2015, for about three weeks for refurbishing. The book drop and parking garage also will close.

The 11,600-square-foot branch, which opened in May 2003, was the fourth branch to open under the “Libraries for All” building program to improve the Library system.

After 11 years of use, the carpeting throughout the branch and the flooring on the stairs need to be replaced. Since the branch needs to close for that work, the Library also will move some desks and shelves to increase efficiency and flexibility and make the entry more comfortable. The quiet study room on the second floor also will be repainted and refurnished.

The branch, book drop and garage are expected to reopen in late January or early February. A reopening date will be set after the refurbishing work is underway.
While the branch is closed, patrons may choose any other Library location as a pickup location for items placed on hold and may return materials to any branch. If patrons don’t select an alternate branch, their holds will be sent to the Central Library, 1000 Fourth Ave., 206-386-4636.

Other nearby branches are: Douglass-Truth Branch, 2300 E. Yesler Way, 206-684-4704; Madrona-Sally Goldmark Branch, 1134 33rd Ave., 206-684-4705; Montlake Branch, 2401 24th Ave. E., 206-684-4720.

For more information, call the Library at 206-386-4636 or Ask a Librarian.

UPDATE: The library will reopen Saturday, February 7th.

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  2. Sounds great, but the length of time seems excessive for the work listed. Here’s hoping they can reopen early.