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Central District’s farmers and boxers roll with the punches of more 23rd/Union development

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

Last week, CHS told you about how the Central District farmers of Alleycat Acres are ready to roll with the tide of development reshaping parts of their home turf by finding new neighborhood land to tend — including new pocket farms scattered throughout the area. A plan for another Lake Union Partners mixed-use development at 23rd and Union is in the works. It will eventually claim the land home to one of the community farms, a gas station, and Cappy’s Boxing Gym.

“I feel really confident that we are in good shape to make this move,” owner Cap Kotz tells CHS.

This summer, CHS reported on a fundraising effort mounted to raise $15,000 to help the 15-year-old gym prepare for the transition. “We kind of knew something special was happening,” coach Anne Bailey said about the drive. “We were really moved by what people had to say about our gym.”

Kotz said he is on the hunt for a new home for Cappy’s and zeroing in on a location near S Jackson. The new space will be larger and Kotz plans to ink a longer, 10-year lease to help give his business stability.

Cappy’s first opened its doors in October, 1999. Kotz said that he used to teach boxing fitness to people around Seattle and it seemed like a good time for him to open up a gym. “I lived in Central District. I have lived here for 35 years. We first actually opened up on East Union Street, just two blocks up and we were there for a year and half and then we moved here because of bigger space and higher ceilings,” Kotz said.

The longtime home is nearing its eight count. The lease for the building expires in August, 2015. By then, Kotz is confident Cappy’s will still be fighting.

As far as development goes, the displacement on the northwest corner of 23rd and Union seems about as positive as possible for farmers and boxers. Drivers who need to fuel up? We’re betting you won’t see a new gas station in the area anytime soon.

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Fisher Qua
6 years ago

Thanks for these stories, Sumedha! Glad to know that Cappy’s is finding another spot in the neighborhood.


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