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CHS Pics | March of the Mistletomosexuals

IMG_5647Saturday night, thousands of people in Santa and Mrs. Claus getups wandered the streets of Seattle and Capitol Hill as part of the annual, planned-out debauchery of Santarchy. “Bro ho ho,” was the joke on Facebook. “White male, 35, burgundy Santa Claus suit,” crackled East Precinct radio dispatch at one early point of the evening as officers broke up a disturbance near Broadway and Pike. Meanwhile on E Olive Way, a local response to the event returned for its fourth year. CHS stopped by CC Attle’s to see off the revelers March of the Mistletomosexuals, a gay apparel alternative to the Santarchy crowd with the Hill’s LGBTQ-focused bars and clubs making up the crawl’s itinerary. Like any costumed pub crawl involving eggnog, it wasn’t all jingle bells and peppermint sticks and not everybody was having the best time of their lives at every moment of the night. But it was a chance for everybody to march. And to put that fuzzy green Grinch suit to use.




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