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CHS Year in Review 2014 | The year in Capitol Hill pictures

IMG_8426-600x400Below, we’ve selected some of the images that helped tell the story of the past year on the streets and in the neighborhoods around Capitol Hill. The work includes images from our many reporters and writers and our community of photography contributors. It’s also time for what has become our annual grateful acknowledgment of the work of reporter Bryan Cohen and photographer Alex Garland. We’ve selected some of the most viewed and most compelling imagery featured on CHS in the past year. Un-represented are many of the great images shared via the CHS Flickr pool and on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. All images below include links to their associated posts and image credits. Thanks to all the photographers who shared their work with CHS in 2014.

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unnamed-1-600x450 (1) IMG_0719-600x449 IMG_8038 IMG_7364 IMG_8790


IMG_0998 IMG_8655 IMG_4675 IMG_1054



IMG_4228 IMG_2994 DSC_4141-Edit-600x399 (2) IMG_5647-600x900



wp_ss_20140301_0001-400x240 image-6-400x533 IMG_9132

IMG_5172 IMG_8911 IMG_4250 IMG_5564 IMG_9272 IMG_1502 IMG_0050 IMG_0594 IMG_4575 IMG_5147 IMG_0165 IMG_9790 IMG_6982 IMG_0666

Screen-Shot-2014-04-01-at-10.28.19-PM-600x293 IMG_0936-600x899 IMG_7876 IMG_5994 IMG_1088-600x400 (1) IMG_9353-600x400 (1)


2014.04-12-JO-400x532 IMG_1945-600x405 Blue Attacks! IMG_8868-600x400 IMG_4713 IMG_7638 SONY DSC IMG_79351-600x399 IMG_5441

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4 thoughts on “CHS Year in Review 2014 | The year in Capitol Hill pictures

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  3. Great pictures but without captions I can’t tell what most of them are….? I know there are hyperlinks to stories but _some_ words on this page would’ve been nice.

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