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Ferguson notes: Monday rally at Westlake, Jackson’s words at Mt. Zion

After a Thanksgiving week busy with protest, more Ferguson demonstrations and rallies are being planned this week in Seattle.

  • Monday: While a planned walkout involving Garfield and area high school students failed to generate much activity Monday afternoon, a demonstration calling for justice for Mike Brown is slated to begin Monday night at Westlake. The group organizing has been involved with some of the larger marches that took place last week downtown, in the CD and on Capitol Hill.

    UPDATE: Here’s a statement from the mayor’s office about ongoing protests in the city:
    Murray: City supports peaceful protests, has no tolerance for property damage

    SEATTLE (Dec. 1, 2014) – Mayor Ed Murray has released the following statement on ongoing planned protests in downtown Seattle:

    “In Seattle in the wake of the Ferguson grand jury decision this past week, we have seen hundreds of peaceful protesters engage in free expression about the critical issue of race and social justice.

    “We have also seen what appears to be a familiar band of anarchists exploit these peaceful protests and use them as a platform to do damage and create an atmosphere of fear and chaos.

    “The City of Seattle stands ready to facilitate and support individuals who wish to peacefully express their first amendment rights. But we will not tolerate those who would exploit these peaceful protests in order to destroy property and incite violence.

    “Over the weekend, many families and young people visited downtown for a special holiday afternoon at Westlake Center – and nearly saw the planned festivities spoiled.

    “That cannot happen again, and Chief O’Toole and the Seattle Police Department will ensure that downtown remains safe during protests and during this holiday season.”

  • Jesse Jackson: CHS missed word of it but The Rev. Jesse Jackson was at 19th and Madison’s Mt. Zion Sunday night as part of a tour of the Seattle area that will include another appearance Tuesday at UW. Sunday night, Jackson championed “access to capital and jobs in industry and technology,” the Seattle Times reported. “We must re-imagine where we are tonight,” the Seattle PI reports Jackson said. “We must have one eye on Ferguson and one eye on Microsoft, one eye on Amazon, and one eye on Nintendo.” Jackson also called for continued peaceful protest in Seattle over Ferguson.

  • Anticapitalist rally: The people who gathered for Saturday’s brief spate of anti-police vandalism and protest on Capitol Hill are planning another gathering next Saturday night. But, according to Facebook, at least, this time they’re planning on starting their rally at Westlake — not Broadway.
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3 thoughts on “Ferguson notes: Monday rally at Westlake, Jackson’s words at Mt. Zion

  1. First of all, we can’t keep one eye on each of Ferguson, Amazon, Microsoft and Nintendo (whatever that means). That would require four eyes.

    Second, is there any crisis you won’t leverage to promote your brand and get speaking engagements?

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