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Police investigating 23rd/Jackson shooting

With reporting by Bryan Cohen

Police are investigating a shooting at 23rd and Jackson after gunfire rang out and cars sped from the area.

One possible victim in the shooting arrived at an area hospital by car after the 1:30 PM shooting but we don’t yet know if police have confirmed any connection to the 23rd and Jackson shots fired.

30 minutes earlier, a massive, student-led “Protest Against Police Brutality” march had passed through the area with hundreds of elementary and high school students included.

There is nothing to indicate that the shooting was related to the protest.

Police were examining a late-model Cadillac with damage from the gunfire in the parking lot behind the 23rd and Jackson Starbucks.

One witness told police the shooter was accompanied by three other young males. They reportedly left the scene in a red Camaro-type car with a black roof while the shooter ran from the scene, according to witness accounts.

UPDATE 12/8/14 1:45 PM: Police have confirmed details of the shooting initially reported by CHS and tell us that they have — as of yet — not been able to connect the man who arrived at Harborview with a gunshot wound to the scene at 23rd and Jackson. Police say the man arrived and walked into the hospital by himself with a gunshot wound to the lower back. We do not have information on his condition. Police also said both the suspect vehicle and a victim vehicle were seen speeding away from the scene. The car with the bullet hole being examined at 23rd and Jackson was apparently parked in the lot and not directly involved in the shooting. There have been no arrests.

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8 thoughts on “Police investigating 23rd/Jackson shooting

  1. I happened to be right at the intersection of S.Jackson & 23rd, the Starbucks corner, when the shots rang out. I was driving and had my precious 9y/o son in the car with me. Very disturbing moments!! I wish Seattle would adopt New Yorks’ “No Carry-No Shooting Ban”within city limits.

    • Seattle tried to impose a “no-carry” ordinance on public property a few years ago. It was knocked down by the state courts. It would have to be enacted in Olympia, and good luck there.

    • Right, because the disadvantaged gangbanger, who opened fire upon a rival, across a public street, would surely have taken pause and reconsidered his actions based on a “no carry” law. This upstanding citizen/gangbanger was also surely carrying his firearm under color of law, with a valid CPL, and would have doubtlessly heeded local ordinances for the good of public safety.

      Kudos to you, SEATOWNGUY, for single-handedly, and might I say ingeniously, solving our public violence problem with the firing of but a single neuron and click of the mouse.

      • @ Seattleite,
        I never offered up my opinion as a “cure-all” solution to public shootings, though I can see how you thought it was implied.

        Now that we know that your ‘gray-matter’ can concoct sarcasm, now can can you WOW! us with a bit of deeply enlightening and superior wisdom??? Hopefully your ‘online bravado’ kicks in the next time you and your kid or loved-one experiences a live act of violence out in public. Perhaps you can protect yourself with your scintillating sarcasm, huh?