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Reminder: Saturday ‘Protest Against Police Brutality’ march begins at Garfield HS

A protester at Thursday night's march (Image: CHS)

A protester at Thursday night’s march (Image: CHS)

A large “Protest Against Police Brutality” is being organized to begin Saturday at noon at 23rd Ave’s Garfield High School:

The march will start at Garfield High School and proceed to go to the police headquarters on 5th Avenue. There, we will make sure our voices are heard. We will make sure the police know that we will not stand for their violence. Have your voice be heard. You are not alone.
Mission Statement: We are here on behalf of the Black Community, in solidarity with Ferguson, in honor of Mike Brown to address through nonviolence, the crisis of police brutality towards the Black Community in order to achieve the short term goal of a fair and just trial for Mike Brown and the long term goal of reconstructing the justice system that has continuously failed the Black Community.

In order to make sure the mission of this protest is accurately portrayed we have come up with some guidelines. They are as follows:
• No violence
• Do NOT touch the police officers
• Do NOT agitate the police officers
• Do NOT deface/destroy city or private property
• Do NOT move city or private property
Please be aware that this protest has been organized to the very last minute in order to ensure that the media, in no way, can skew the actions of the protest or the protesters. If you do not follow these guidelines you will be asked to stop and then you will be asked to leave.

*We are NOT affiliated with any group or organization. We are just a group of people who want to be a part of the progress of change*

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