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SPD investigating 15th Ave-area armed robberies

Police are still on the hunt for the man responsible for two pre-dawn hold-ups along 15th Ave E late last month as new information in the crimes has been released.

CHS first reported here on the November 29th armed robberies on an icy Thanksgiving weekend Saturday morning. According to just released SPD reports on the robberies, a suspect armed with a handgun bashed his first victim over the head in a street robbery that started near 18th and Pine and, only minutes later, followed a delivery driver into a nearby coffee shop and held that victim up at gunpoint before fleeing the area.

In the first robbery and pistol-whipping, police say the suspect approached his victim from behind sometime around 5 AM as the victim was walking to work:

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.36.17 AM

At 5:08 AM, police were called to an unidentified cafe just blocks away in the 400 block of 15th Ave E where the victim in another armed robbery told police he had been held up inside the coffee shop:

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.40.52 AM

The victim in the cafe hold-up described the suspect as a black male around 25 years old, about 5’6″ tall with a slim build, “bad/rotten front teeth,” and wearing a gray hoodie,
blue jeans, and red and black gloves. The victim told police the suspect seemed high
or intoxicated.

Police are also continuing to investigate a Sunday night armed robbery inside Volunteer Park on November 23rd in which three suspects robbed and pistol-whipped a male and female victim. At this point, there is no indication that the three robberies are connected but the department included the incidents in a report included in its most recent weekly statistical analysis of crime trends..

From the SPD's December 3rd SeaStat crime statistics briefing

From the SPD’s December 3rd SeaStat crime statistics briefing

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6 thoughts on “SPD investigating 15th Ave-area armed robberies

  1. There was a knifepoint robbery at 10th and Pine Sunday night too. Please keep reporting on these, as the cops seemed to have stopped patrolling.

  2. That first victim is one brave dude. I’m not sure I could refuse giving up my wallet with a gun pointed at me. However, it doesn’t seem like you hear about an unarmed person getting shot for not complying with their assailant very often (if ever)…not sure if I could play those odds, though.

  3. Any news about the Crown Victoria Volunteer Park/road rage/Seaatle U gang? The previous article stated they had a license number- dont the police have a the ability to go to the owners residence?

    Anyhow, thanks for your detailed reporting and updates.

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