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29 Capitol Hill bars and restaurants to look forward to in 2015 — UPDATE

It's so... big. Stout ready to pour you a tall one at 11th and Pine in 2015 (Image: Stout)

It’s so… big. Stout ready to pour you a tall one at 11th and Pine in 2015 (Image: Stout)

With two new restaurants (welcome Chavez and Nueopening in the first days of the year, 2015 is poised to continue the food+drink boom that has seen 100 (or so!) bars and restaurants open on Capitol Hill in the last three years. Below is our roster of openings you can look forward to through the year. It’s an incredible set of new projects — and the most amazing part is there are more ideas and ventures that we haven’t even heard a peep about yet.

  1. Slab Sandwiches + Pie — Now! — Part of the new extended Lark family in the Central Agency Building, Slab is set for a Tuesday, January 13th debut:B7L5K7DCUAIWzbnSlab is open daily from 10am to 3pm, offering an array of sandwiches, slices of slab pie, and provisions. There are morning-oriented sandwiches such as farm egg, white cheddar, and pork sausage on a shallot brioche bun ($8) and farro bread toast with smashed avocado and tomato ginger jam ($7), as well as a 12-hour brisket sandwich with smoked mayo, plancha romaine, and pickled jalapeno ($11), a peppered ground lamb sandwich with pine nuts and labne on cumin flatbread ($11), and a Cubano with pork confit, jamon, grilled scallion aioli, smoked pickles, and comte ($9). Crispy chicken skin can be added to any sandwich for $2, and gluten free flatbread can be substituted on any sandwich for $2. As for the namesake pies, there are options both savory and sweet. There is a Slab meat pie stuffed with short ribs, caramelized onion, and hedgehog mushrooms ($9)—and on the sweet side: quince-hazelnut pie with turbinado sugar ($6) and s’mores pie with Theo dark chocolate and smoked marshmallow ($6). There are also a handful of other sandwich accompaniments like cookies, truffled sunchoke chips, and pickles. More
  2. Meat and Bread — “spring” — Describing itself as “a man made sandwich shop,” Meat & Bread founders Cord Jarvie and Frankie Harrington created a working recipe that keeps things simple with a menu pared down to four daily offerings. — More
  3. Bill’s Off Broadway — “NFL kick-off 2015” — More a resurrection than straight-up new, Bill’s is planned to return to the corner of E Pine and Harvard after a multi-year closure to make way for the mixed-use development that now makes the corner home. — More
  4. Good Citizen — “winter” — Long delayed by permit headaches, this project from Liberty’s Andrew Friedman finally has its construction permits and is back in motion. The bar is on track for a winter 2015 opening. We’re waiting to hear back from the Liberty camp about timing. UPDATE: “We’re pretty close.” — More
  5. Annapurna’s Yeti Bar — “winter” — Not altogether new but Annapurna will burst to the surface on Broadway in 2015 with a new street-level Yeti bar. — More
  6. Unnamed Renee Erickson Project — ??? — The Erickson camp hasn’t even confirmed the project yet but the building CHS has learned the famed chef is sizing up for her first Capitol Hill project will be ready for tenants by early summer. — More
  7. Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 2.51.44 PMSoi Restaurant — ??? — Will join Renee Erickson’s new project in the 10th/Union development.
  8. Stout — “winter” — “At 5,700 square feet, Paul Reder’s next project is massive by Capitol Hill standards but puny compared the amazing feat of food and drink entrepreneurism he pulled off when he took over a failed Planet Hollywood and transformed into his successful downtown Seattle beer and eats concept Tap House Grill. Still, Reder doesn’t want to arrive on the Hill by knocking aside what is already here.” — More
  9. Outer Planet — “winter” — The tiny 12th Ave brewery project could be open for business later this month. — More
  10. Culture Club — “spring” — Ballard’s loss is Capitol Hill’s gain. The cheese bar from Melrose Market monger Sheri Lavigne will join Outer Planet on 12th Ave. — More
  11. Lionhead — “late spring” — “Camel foot with leeks probably won’t be on the menu but the flavors and surprises the husband and husband team behind Capitol Hill’s Poppy found on their travels in China last year have helped inspire a new venture neighboring the now six-year-old Broadway restaurant. Chef Jerry Traunfeld tells CHS he will open the Sichuan-flavored Lionhead in the former cheesecake bakery next door to Poppy late next spring.” — More
  12. Evernote Snapshot 20150105 110348Rachel’s Ginger Beer — “spring” — “Rachel Marshall’s latest Capitol Hill joint is slated to open this spring with all the goodness of Rachel’s Ginger Beer plus “a menu of crispy, hand-cut fries and 15 to 20 dipping sauces, including a fancy ranch.” The bar will serve ginger beer-based and carbonated cocktails. The bubbles will tickle. There will be ice cream for floats and, if you’re an animal, dipping fries. And you’ll be able to fill your growler or grab RGB to go.” — More
  13. U:Don — “spring” — Included in the artistic elements set to inhabit the new 12th Ave Arts building is the expansion of this U District favorite. — More
  14. Pelmeni Dumpling Tzar — “spring” — Also on the 12th Ave Arts menu — More
  15. Herb and Bitter — “winter” — “Herb and Bitter Public House will bring a new paired bar and restaurant project to north Broadway from a longtime Seattle food, nightlife, and style entrepreneur.” — More
  16. Kukai — “winter” — “As in Bellevue, Yichen Ting is behind the planned Capitol Hill edition of the Japanese chain. There are nearly 20 Kukai — or Kookai, as it is known there — in the country.” — More
  17. Sakana — “spring” — ““My rent is ridiculous!” Jun Park tells us about his partnership’s investment in a new restaurant space in the new construction at 10th Ave and E Union.” — More
  18. (Image: Sugar Plum)

    (Image: Sugar Plum)

    Sugar Plum — “end of winter” — Makini Howell is transforming her 15th Ave E cafe into a vegan ice creamery and sweet shop. — More

  19. Sur 16 — “soon” — The 15th Ave E project is overcoming the challenges of being a first-time, indie restaurant owner in the permit jungle of the big city to bring “grilled fish and puya chiles, fresh squeezed breakfast juices, and the giant chalk menu that will be updated with the current, freshest offerings” to the former Bagel Deli space. — More
  20. Omega Ouzeri — “winter” — The project from Thomas Soukakos, owner of the original Vios on 19th Ave E and Vios at Third Place in Ravenna, will be ready to roll January 26th. — More
  21. 7 Beef — “spring” — “Eric Banh is ready to put his recent butchery training to work with a new E Jefferson project that will feature “classic” as well as “primal” cuts of beef that utilize “whole,” local cows.” — More
  22. Hot Cakes — “spring” — Filling in the new construction that has risen above the old home of B&O Espresso, this Ballard fave will bring 2,200 square feet of boozy milkshakes, chocolatey sweets, and a covered patio offering “year-round seating, complete with a fire pit for roasting marshmallows” to E Olive Way. — More
  23. Philly Fevre New Project — “spring” — More on the project soon but there’s a
  24. The future Chophouse Row. It looks way better now (Image: CHS)

    The future Chophouse Row. It looks way better now (Image: CHS)

    Amandine and Slate Coffee — “spring” — Rolled back from 2014 opening plans by construction delays, these final four represent the new wave of tenants inside 11th Ave’s Chophouse Row development. At Amandine, you’re going to get the soul of Le Gourmand in a bakery along with Slate’s artisanal approach to coffee. — More

  25. Bar Ferd’nand II — “spring” — a larger Ferd’nand with more food and a wood-fire oven — More
  26. Kurt Farm Shop — “spring” — “Kurt Farm Shop, to be located along the project’s internal mews corridor, will give Timmermeister a 300-square-foot patch in the city to share his farm’s creations.” — More
  27. Chop Shop Cafe and Bar — “spring” — With Volunteer Park Cafe marking its eighth birthday on E Galer, Ericka Burke is ready to debut her most ambitious project yet with a March birthday inside the hotly anticipated Chophouse Row development. — More
  28. UPDATE! — Rooster’s — “early 2015” — “Rooster’s Bar & Grill is Seattle’s newest Tex Mex restaurant. Opening early 2015 by the creators of the original Bing’s in Madison Park.” — More
  29. UPDATE!Optimism Brewing — “early 2015” — We wrote about them here. Here’s a recent update from Optimism:
    In October, we realized that the construction costs were going significantly over-budget and the construction was behind schedule. So we stopped to redesign and re-engineer parts of the building to lower the costs. This took a couple months and, while not completely satisfied yet, we’re getting the construction going again on the things we do feel good about.This will delay our opening a bit, but the extra time and discussions have given us better ideas and we’ve made some improvements to the earlier design. We also feel much more confident that our budget numbers and schedule is closer to reality than before.

    Since the last update, we have new electrical power and gas from the city. A lot of our equipment is ready and waiting to be delivered: the kegs have made the trek across the Atlantic Ocean and are sitting in a warehouse in Canada, our keg-washer and grain conveyance system are built and waiting to be shipped and the brewhouse, cellar equipment and glycol chiller are all ready to be put on a truck and driven from Portland.

Goodbyes: Now that you’re nice and happy, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the scheduled demises of The Redwood (fall) and Arabica Lounge (winter).

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19 thoughts on “29 Capitol Hill bars and restaurants to look forward to in 2015 — UPDATE” -- All CHS Comments are held for moderation before publishing

  1. Just the 27? Not nearly enough. But on a more practical note, how about in this little blurbs the restauranters provide some example menu item costs, like entrees will range from X to X? As it stands now, my assumption is that every single one of these places is basically affordable only to the elite (as those are prices based on Capitol Hill rents). Economics should just be part of these write-ups. Otherwise, it’s just a pointless commercial for unaffordable mush. And yes, it may as well be mush if I can’t afford it anyhow.

    • I think you’ll find a range of menu prices…but given that most of the places don’t yet exist, how to you suppose the writer would go about entering economics into the equation? Anyhow, I sense a little “us/them” anti-people who-aren’t-fkat-broke sentiment here…a little pre-loaded angst. How about you muzzle that a little and wait until the places open to pass judgement? Maybe drop 8$ for a breakfast sandwich at Slab…might be soothing.

  2. I don’t mind all these new restaurants are opening, what’s a bummer is they are ALL serving completely unremarkable cloned food. Altura was the last really good restaurant to open up, not just here but in the entire city, and that was a good 4 years ago. I’ve been saving money by just eating good cheap ethnic food and cooking at home at least.

    • I think your comment is a gross generalization. The restaurant scene on Capitol Hill (and throughout the City) is remarkably eclectic. For example, I recently dined at Plum (on 12th Ave) and it was amazing and creative vegetarian fare.

      Yes, Altura is an excellent restaurant, but it is quite expensive ($100 and up for dinner with a little wine)…and not many people can afford that.

  3. Hey….thanks for the work you have done to inform us about what we can look forward to in the coming months. There are lots of folks out there looking to bring some wonderful food to the area. I’m sure the prices will be all over the board….just like the patrons who can and cannot afford it. Looking forward to keeping in touch and following the progress of these places so I can give myself a treat when the food bells begin to ring!!!

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