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Bullet reportedly smashes into apartment following 24/Spring shots fired incident… a half-mile away

Seattle Police are investigating whether a bullet that ended up in the wall of an apartment unit more than a half-mile from the scene is related to a wild shots fired incident Tuesday night in the Central District.

All information in this post is preliminary and has not yet been confirmed with SPD.

According to East Precinct radio reports, around 5:30 PM, police were called to the area around 24th and E Spring after a report of multiple shots fired in a street altercation involving at least one man on foot and vehicles seen fleeing the area. No victim or suspects were found but police were following up on multiple witness accounts.

Minutes later, a caller reported that a bullet had smashed through her window into the wall a door of her third floor 23rd Ave E apartment more than a half-mile from the shots fired scene.

Some witnesses described the gunman in the 24th and Spring incident as shooting wildly toward the north.

SPD is investigating both incidents.

There were no injuries reported at either location.

UPDATE 1:00 PM: SPD’s report on the incidents provides some new information in addition to confirming our earlier report — though it’s still not known with certainty that the bullet that struck the apartment was related to the relatively distant shooting scene. But it seems more than likely.

One witness told police she saw “a black male standing on the sidewalk, pointing a pistol northbound down the street” during the shooting at 24th and Spring. Another witness who said she ducked behind vehicles during the shooting said she saw a white male running from the area of the shooter.

At the apartment in the 200 block of 23rd Ave E, police say they found a bullet and damage “consistent with a downward trajectory” —

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 12.56.21 PM

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  1. Thanks for posting this CHS…after the ruckus on our street last night we turned to the Seattle Times this morning, and didn’t find any mention. Once again the Seattle Times seems to think that gunshots in the CD aren’t worthy of reporting as news….

  2. Just one more incident made possible by the crappy property owners of the Mid-town Center … allowing criminals to loiter, shoot craps, deal drugs on their property massively increases the likelihood of violence. Not sure what it will take for the cops and city to step in and hold them responsible.

    • This is exactly it. This shooting happened directly in front of my house, I witnessed the third shot. When talking to the officers they practically begged me to call in anything suspicious on the street as they’re well aware the corner is a popular spot for drug trafficking. They can’t do anything if we don’t tell them! They were all super nice and helpful, explaining it’s a small group doing all this stuff all over the neighborhood and they would love nothing more than to lock them up.

  3. Where are the ‘community leaders’ adressing an unarmed woman almost getting shot by these thugs? Where are the people chaining themselves together to protest this violence?

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