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CHS Pics | Rising above the relentless development of Capitol Hill

IMG_3672IMG_3662IMG_3668Don’t let the relentless change of Capitol Hill get you down. Rise above. Seattle photographer Alex Garland — our busiest CHS photography contributor — took a climb on our behalf Thursday afternoon above 501 E Pike on the construction crane helping to build the eight-story Dunn Automotive development, a project its backer says will set a standard for new buildings utilizing the Pike/Pine Conservation District’s preservation incentives.

The views, we think, will help you remember you live in an amazing city full of incredible sights. And, yes, you’ll also see a lot of cranes.

IMG_3676 IMG_6239 IMG_6407The Hunters Capital project will add 89 new apartments above “two retail and three commercial spaces” created within the facade of the 1920s-era auto row building that stood at the corner of Pike and Summit. according to the Capitol Hill-based developer. Adjacent the landmark Northwest School — and its new theater + cafeteria + sports field addition — the original Dunn Automotive building was reviewed by Hunters and DPD but deemed unworthy of being nominated itself for landmarks protections. “The interior of the building is mostly concrete and unremarkable from a historic standpoint,” a company spokesperson tells CHS. “So many changes have been made to the exterior that its historic integrity has been diminished.”

Still, Hunters hopes the new construction will bring some of the character of the past back to life. “We’ve worked hard to keep the architectural integrity of the original structure in the new development,” the spokesperson said. “We hope future developments will look to the Dunn Building as a standard for the façade easement.”

More pictures from the 501 E Pike crane are on the CHS Facebook page.

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6 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Rising above the relentless development of Capitol Hill

  1. Can I just say that the residents of the Starbird are Capitol Hill heroes? Pike Motorworks project to the right, “Cue” apartments to the left in the Bill’s Off Broadway zone, another project across the street from them in the old Mercedes place… I’m impressed.

    • You’d really want a day job if you lived there! The construction workers show up around 7 am, and work until after 4. There’s even some there on Saturdays..

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