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First look at Nue: the 100th* new Capitol Hill food+drink opening in three years

IMG_0054The ongoing Capitol Hill food+drink boom appears likely to continue well into 2015. We are only one week into January and already writing about our second new opening of the year.

Happy Nue Year.

This week, Nue, Chris Cvetkovich’s modernist take on global street food, is making its soft opening before gearing up to 100% by Saturday for its official opening. Tuesday night, CHS found that the fog around 14th Ave wasn’t one Cvetkovich’s culinary experiments gone wrong. Inside, his kitchen going right with dry ice clouds flying and unusual menu items like sprat, “bunny chow,” and jerked pig tails on the move.

“It’s the creativity of taking these tried and true flavors and making them even better,” the digital artist and foodie turned first-time restaurant owner told CHS in September.

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 11.51.17 AM

CHS’s yearly tallies are probably missing a name here or there, include some stretch-y borders, might include a double-count or three, and… well, you get the idea. But Nue just might be #100

The new Nue (pronounced “new”) is part of the new construction at the REO Flats apartment development and will be joined by the two-level Omega Ouzeri from the Vios restaurant family later this year. It also neighbors Porchlight, the most friendlily displaced coffee shop on Capitol Hill… ever. With Spinasse and Artusi hanging out at the corner,  Regent and Poco across the intersection on Pine, and Anchovies and Olives, Bar Cotto, and Healeo a little uphill, 14th between Pike and Pine is the center of a good collection of food and drink options.

Nue’s opening follows the weekend debut of Chavez and its Durango-flavored tacos and antojitos on 12th Ave. By CHS’s very rough count, Nue’s is the 100th opening in the last three years around Capitol Hill. There are many more to come in 2015. More on those new things to look forward to, soon.

Nue is located at 1519 14th Ave. Soft opening hours have been planned for 4 to 11 PM but check in before heading over. You can learn more at

Happy Nue restaurant owners Uyen Nguyen and Chris Cvetkovich

Happy Nue restaurant owners Uyen Nguyen and Chris Cvetkovich 


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6 years ago

Congrats on living your dream!


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