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Capitol Hill food+drink | Euro Pub and bottle shop will bring ‘the best beers of Europe’ to Broadway

Witold Szczepaniak will put his 16 years of experience importing “the best beers of Europe” with a new pub and bottle shop project in the heart of Broadway that has seemingly popped open out of nowhere on Capitol Hill.

“I was hoping to keep it a little quiet, you know,” Szczepaniak told CHS as we talked to the importer earlier this week about his plans to open Euro Pub on Broadway sandwiched between Phoenix Comics and the Perfect Copy shop just down from Dick’s Drive-In.

“We’ll have European snacks,” Szczepaniak said, “But the beer is most important.”

goldenpheasantSzczepaniak’s plan is to transform a former Broadway bodega into a European beer room and bottle shop as an outgrowth of his Eastside-headquartered importation business. He also opened Browar Polska, a tasting room version of his concept in SoDo.

At Euro Pub, the buildout is underway with a mid to late-March target to create a pub with “at least 10 taps,” and bottle coolers with beer for sale. Growlers will be filled. Good times will flow.
“It’s an idea that has been in the back of my head,” Szczepaniak said. “We need to educate people about the really good beer and thousands of years of history.”

There is no Euro Pub web site or Facebook page yet so stay tuned to CHS for details.

Thanks to Ella for the tip!

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13 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food+drink | Euro Pub and bottle shop will bring ‘the best beers of Europe’ to Broadway

  1. Isn’t that building slated for demolition/redevelopment in the near future? If so, seems like a dubious decision to start a new business there.

  2. Interesting concept, but if they’re trying to peel customers away from the Stumbling Monk, I hope they are unsuccessful.

  3. What this city needs is a good Polak to upstart a good Polish pub – hopefully aside from beers, maybe he can import good vodka too and provide the delicious przekaski to go along with it… Seattle you just don’t know that you want it yet!

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