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Capitol Hill food+drink | Still Liquor folks bringing pizza to Minor and Pine

Future home of pizza (Image: CHS)

Future home of pizza (Image: CHS)

Who can say what controls the tides of food and drink on Capitol Hill. For now, it is the time of pizza. Or, it will be soon. One project we can tell you about now won’t be around until into summer but get ready for a new place to grab a slice at the base of Capitol Hill.

The new pizza project will snuggle into the far west berth in the old building filled with long, skinny retail berths

The new pizza project will snuggle into the far west berth in the old building filled with long, skinny retail berths

“We’re already down here,” Josh Carrigan tells CHS. “It is on our turf.”

Carrigan and Breckeen Anderson opened Still Liquor below Melrose Market in 2010. Later this summer, the Still folks will open a new pizza joint on E Pine at Minor transforming the current retail space that has been home to a longtime shoe business most recently known as Z-Coil. The shoe store, by the way, remains open and ready to serve your shoe needs.

The new restaurant will neighbor Baguette Box sandwiches and share that stretch of Pine with the Baltic Room, Li’l Woody’s, and Machiavelli’s. It’s interesting to note Carrigan chose to take on building out a new pizza restaurant inside an old retail space vs. jumping into the buildout inside the construction across the street on Minor that has seen a past attempt or two at securing a tenant fall through.

“We’re not trying to invent the wheel,” Carrigan said. “New York slices to go, delivery in 2-block radius, pick-up. It will help bring that area together.” Carrigan said he expects the straightforward experience of Still to remain unchanged though you’ll be able to get pizza at the bar when the new place opens. Meanwhile, the Pine and Minor pizza restaurant won’t feature hard liquor.

When CHS spoke with him, Carrigan said they had jumped full speed into the project but didn’t even have a name picked out for the venture. (No, Carrigan said he’s not going with Juliano’s, the just-a-little sketchy pizza operation that did business next to the Baltic before reportedly moving to Ballard.)

“I just knew that space… if we didn’t get it, there’s not a lot left in this neighborhood,” he said.

For Carrigan and Anderson, being able to create something new just down the street from their bar is a reminder of what drew them to open Still in a tucked away spot just below the bustle of Melrose Market above.

“As far as what we’re doing, I wouldn’t trade our space for anything,” Carrigan said of Still’s five-year home. “We wanted to go on our route, create our own neighborhood.”

Capitol Hill food+drink notes

  • Here’s the latest creation from Josh Grunig and his Pocket Bakery pop-up — the CD – Croissant Donut:
    (Image: Pocket Bakery)

    (Image: Pocket Bakery)

    Introducing the CD – Croissant Donut to the Central District and Seattle. Hand-rolled croissant, fried and filled with chocolate or rolled in cinnamon sugar. Pocket Bakery is a new bakery to Seattle, obsessed with sourcing our products, primarily grain, produce and dairy, locally from the Pacific Northwest.  We use Smith Brothers Butter, Organic Flour from Rogers in BC, and Eggs from Toboten Farms in Yelm. Our Croissant Donuts – CD’s – will celebrate the rich history of the Central District in a delicious square, a mixture of French culture and good ol’ American fried food. A mash-up of cultures, just like the Central District. We also offer Sourdough, Cookies, Cake, Pies, Scones and Cinnamon Rolls among other delicious weekly offerings. You can find the CD in the heart of the CD, inside Magpie every Saturday 10am-1pm. 2002 Union Street East, across from Chuck’s Hop Shop. We look forward to seeing you there!!
    CHS introduced you to Pocket — and Grunig’s plans for a brick and mortar bakery in the area — here last year.

  • Meanwhile, the CD is getting a CommuniTea kombucha cafe.
  • There’s a date for the Chophouse Row and marketplace’s opening:

  • The Hideout, First Hill’s “Seattle art institution“, is turning 10.
  • If you had to guess which Capitol Hill foodtrepreneur would jump into the edible business, you might have guessed her.
  • 15th Ave E’s Sur 16 will celebrate its grand opening on March 20th. CHS visited the new restaurant in the old Bagel Deli space here in February.
  • Just in time for March Madness, Capitol Hill’s newest sports bar, Kessler’s, is open.
  • Another restaurant has moved on from 10th and Miller.
  • Pine Box Celebrates Three Years on March 21 With Special Beers
  • Assimba has some excellent Ethiopian food at Cherry and MLK. Its owners are also working to help bring restaurateurs and shop owners together from 12th Ave through the Central District in a new East African business organization.
  • 7 Beef pushed back to June.
  • Vendemmia coming to Madrona.
  • Meet The Canterbury’s chef, Brendan O’Farrell: “Have you ever seen the gourmet guide to British cuisine? There’s a reason. The raw ingredients in the British Isles are phenomenal. Absolutely magic. The Irish raw ingredients are unbelievably good, but they seem to boil everything to death.”
  • Little Uncle wasn’t keen on its subterranean Pioneer Square space opting instead to focus on its E Madison walk-up. But frequent Capitol Hill pop-up Kraken Congee doesn’t seem to mind. It will be moving into the spot left behind by Little Uncle in Pioneer Square.
  • “Together, Capitol Hill’s bars and restaurants can hold more than 19,000 people…IMG_5130
  • You still have a long time to enjoy 95 Slide and its deck before development claims its corner, too. No plans, yet, for Linda’s corner.
  • With work on its new restaurant and office spaces to start this summer, Harvard Exit will have one last run as a movie theater.
  • Mamnoon bakes 800 to 1,200 pita a day. Zack Chamberlain helps make it work.
  • Jason Stratton is available.
  • “There are 110 distilleries in Washington state, accounting for more than 10 percent of the distilleries nationwide…
  • You can hang out in the new Chop Suey even on nights when there’s no show.IMG_33101-600x400
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7 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food+drink | Still Liquor folks bringing pizza to Minor and Pine

  1. The new pizza shop owner says they will have delivery “within a two-block radius.” Really? That’s certainly limiting the customer base! Perhaps he meant to say “two miles”…?

    • I’ll bet they do mean 2 blocks, and actually it’s pretty consistent with the way Capitol Hill is evolving. With increased density, buildings w/o parking, and more expensive and scarce parking (street or pay lots), we’re quickly getting to where C.H. businesses can rely entirely on customers who can walk to them. If they can’t, they’re in trouble– If you’re outside that zone of walkability it’s just getting to be too much trouble or too expensive to drive onto Capitol Hill to eat or whatever. If it entails another $10 to park, an inconvenient bus there & back, or a couple of cab rides, you start to just write it off and go elsewhere.

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