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Community Post | Seattle’s First EMF-Reduced Homes Debut in the Central District

3SEATTLE- Isola Home’s “Vida” project is Seattle’s first “EMF Reduced” community featuring 15 row homes located in the Central District, at 120 20th Avenue.

In addition to sustainability features, the Vida project addresses the growing public concern about the health effects of an increasingly wired world. EMF’s (electromagnetic field) come from electricity and include power lines, wiring, and hand-held devices, wireless technologies such as cell phones and towers, WI-FI, wireless routers, baby monitors, and appliances.

Because of the ubiquitous nature of electricity powered technology, the EMF subject is of public concern. The health effects often cited in the research include damage to DNA and genes, memory loss, learning, behavior, attention disorders, sleep disruption, cancer and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. While there is “little conclusive evidence,” numerous studies, past and present, examine the health risks of direct and indirect exposure to EMF’s.

With Vida, Seattle-based, home builder Isola Homes, partnered with Dana Stream, CEO of Lifestream Solutions to look at ‘EMF ‘at various levels of the project’s development. “For decades, the tobacco industry didn’t find any ‘conclusive evidence’ about the health risks of smoking. Isola prefers to put health and wellness first,” said Stream. More Millennials and Boomers are choosing to power down and reduce their exposure to electricity.

Vida took a similar approach starting with the foundation by shielding the wiring, and designing an EMF ‘Quiet Zone’ in the sleeping area. Isola will present the “EMF Reduced” approach at on site, behind-the-walls preview on April 25th and 26th.

by Eva Otto

About Isola
Isola Homes is a Seattle-based home builder specializing in Built Green modern homes. By continually implementing innovative sustainable design and environmental stewardship in their construction techniques, Isola Homes stand for livability, quality construction and energy efficiency.

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  1. This is a great viral marketing stunt for “Better Call Saul,” where one of the characters lives an ascetic lifestyle because of his fear of electromagnetic forces.

    After all, no real estate agent would stoop so low as to promote pseudoscience and quackery for the sake of their own commission, right?

  2. These will be perfect for all of the high-paid tech employees who also happen to be deathly afraid of computers, cell phones, tablets, servers, Teslas and…oh yeah, electricity.

    My favorite is the quote trying to equate electricity (and electronics) with smoking. It’s all been a giant cover up. EMF is…PEOPLE!

  3. Thanks for your reply. I encourage you to learn more about EMF pollution from local Washington State University Physicist, Geneticist and Cell Biologist Dr Martin Pall.

    “According to the eminent physicist, geneticist and cell biologist, Prof. Emeritus Martin L. Pall… research results showing harm are not “inconsistent” as is sometimes claimed, and that the health of the public now urgently needs to be protected. The conclusion to be drawn from Pall’s findings is that we face a new and increasingly present environmental pollutant. Some have called it the “21st century environmental bomb”, with implications for the environment, human health, construction of mobile towers, computers in schools, and handling of individuals presenting with symptoms of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.
    Martin Pall, prof. Em. at Washington State University, has an impressive body of work. His first article on EMFs and their role in VGCC activation earned a place in the “Global Medical Discovery” list of the most important articles in medicine in 2013.”

    You will also notice in the article that scientist Dr Pall says, “You need neither New Age, tendentious science or conspiracy theories to justify this”.

    – See more at:

  4. Love it! The person who posted stated it is “pseudoscience” must think he is smarter than Harvard medical doctors! Hopefully those that are not informed will wake up one of these days! Kudos to you!

  5. Love it! The person who posted stated it is “pseudoscience” must think he is smarter than Harvard medical doctors! Hopefully those that are not informed will wake up one of these days! Kudos to you!

  6. I am so happy to see people building houses with protection against EMF’s. I just hope they are going to be affordable for everyone who is ill due to these horrible electromagnetic polution.

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  9. I wonder if the walls will have shielding. No doubt with the homes being in the city center there will be cell and wifi transmitters in the vicinity. Simple shielding in the walls could make a home much more comfortable and safe for those with EHS. And for those who mock and doubt, as Eva says, do some research. EHS used to be called microwave illness. It’s real and many people are suffering from it and with the level of electrosmog increasing rapidly, more will.

  10. The World Health Organization determined (2011) that non-thermal RF is a class 2B carcinogen. Scientists around the world are working to upgrade the warning to a 1A. Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine have sounded the alarm by 2012. To learn more: or See the Jimmy Gonzalez – Pembroke Pine, Florida You Tube video – the story of a young attorney, father and veteran who died recently from cancer on his hand, chest and brain. Multiple daily exposures from baby monitors, cell towers, wireless toys, wifi, smart meters, cordless phones etc. are only ASSUMED TO BE SAFE. The FCC is run by wireless lobbyists. This agency employs no physicians and does not protect the public. Safety guidelines have not been updated in 20 years. It is up to you to protect your family.

  11. My health declined when the city put a wireless transmitter on the water meter behind our houses. I was hospitalized after the electric company placed a so-called Smart Meter just inches from my head at our kitchen window. These Smart Meters have two concealed transmitters that emit pulsed radiation almost non-stop. They mislead you by telling you that they only transmit for a few minutes each day. The transmissions are broken down into milliseconds so it’s pretty much non-stop. I saw my neighbors go to the emergency room with blown up heads, new types of cancers, a lot of medication changes needed. Upon and after Smart Meter installations electrical sparks and fires broke out all over our historic neighborhood. The poles were so overloaded it seemed like we then attracted lightning into our neighborhood. Countless strikes everywhere with no ground wire on the transformer poles.

    Lloyd’s insurance company refuses to cover wireless liability.

    There are thousands of documented studies proving adverse biological effects. There is even a YouTube video posted of an interview of the former director general of the World Health Organization stating that this stuff is certainly dangerous.

    The American people need to wake up!

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  13. “Once upon a time” we were surrounded in a natural environment. Now we are surrounded or rather bombarded by an r/f environment. How sad it is! We are all liable to have EHS problems, it is just a matter of time and exposure .Just like tobacco. Fortunately there are people who can help us such as the above ‘Vida” project. Nice design, nice work! Congratulations