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IHOP bandit strikes again — This time, target is Bellevue Ave quick mart

A man matching the description and modus operandi of the suspect who held up E Madison’s IHOP restaurant where he threatened that he had a gun early Friday morning has apparently pulled off another heist.

Police were searching Sunday morning for the bandit who again implied he had a gun in a midnight hold-up of J’s Quick Stop on Bellevue Ave just off E Pine.

The suspect description in the 1 AM Friday IHOP heist and the description of the thief in the midnight robbery at J’s are nearly identical — an older black male possibly in his 40s, heavyset, and bald. This time, he was sporting all grey sweats during the heist and was last seen running eastbound on Pine from the scene of the crime.

While a search for the suspect was not immediately successful, a person at the store said he had seen the man shopping at the market before.

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5 thoughts on “IHOP bandit strikes again — This time, target is Bellevue Ave quick mart

  1. The “implied weapon” ploy doesn’t make sense to me unless the robber really doesn’t have a weapon (accordingly, I suspect this one didn’t). Is there any reason why an actually armed robber might not want to show his gun? It seems to me that keeping it concealed might enable a quick-thinking would-be victim to counterattack in some way rather than surrender immediately. I’m not criticizing these victims’ responses (the description of the suspect does make him sound like someone I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley, gun or no gun), just wondering if an implied weapon threat should always be taken seriously. I’m not sure I would do so.

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