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Sophisticated pot cookies from Cupcake Royale owner hit Washington shelves this week

IMG_500411042995_790407917720004_6485921742731297610_nJody Hall took cupcakes to a new level when the Capitol Hill resident opened Cupcake Royale, now she wants to do the same for marijuana infused treats. After a year of research and tinkering with recipes, CHS can report that Hall is rolling out a line of edibles under her new business, The Goodship Company.

On Friday, Goodship began distributing its first retail-ready batch of two types of cookies — sea-salt chocolate chip and Saigon cinnamon snickerdoodle — to ten I-502 retailers in the region, including Uncle Ike’s at 23rd and Union. Unfortunately, you won’t find them for sale at Cupcake Royale’s E Pike flagship.

Bringing her baking expertise to the world of edibles, Hall said her soft batch cookies are made with the “welcome back potter” in mind — adults returning to marijuana after giving it up in their younger days. From the packaging artwork to the wholesome ingredients, Hall said she wants her products to shake off the seedy stigma attached to weed-infused sweets.

“You should bring this to a dinner party like you bring a nice bottle of wine,” she said. “I’m calling it sophisticated good times.”

11036219_792240394203423_2458122350798557266_oHall said her cookies aren’t intended to produce a Maureen Dowd freakout, but they do include this warning just in case:

This is your captain speaking. We recommend starting with a half serving to responsibly reach cruising altitude. Overdoing it can spoil the ride.

The cookies will sell for $10-$12 each and are made with 10 mg of THC extract, marijuana’s psychoactive chemical. Hall said she and her pastry chef spent months in the kitchen to come up with the perfect recipe, which included finding a way to evenly spread the THC extract without overworking the cookie batter.

(Image: Goodship)

(Image: Goodship)

A six-pack of cookies will be available soon. Hall is also getting ready to roll out a line of chocolate bars in May. The first two will be a dark chocolate bar and a coffee dark chocolate bar. More cookie and chocolate flavors are in the works.

Weed cupcakes, however, are not in the cards. While Hall initially toyed with idea, she said making weed cupcakes would likely mean using partially hydrogenated ingredients, something that goes against her cupcake credo. “It’s a different world in packaged goods,” she said.

In the spirit of elevating the world of marijuana edibles, Hall said part of Goodship’s mission will be to support the arts and creativity. Ideas are already in the works to supply customers with field-trip suggestions around Seattle, like visiting a museum or park.

The Goodship Company and Cupcake Royale are separate companies: different staff, different kitchens, and different intended customers. The Goodship cookies are baked at a separate Airport Way facility. “We don’t want anybody to think they’re remotely tied,” Hall said. That’s not to say a Royale cupcake wouldn’t nicely compliment a ride on the Goodship.

Ideas for the Goodship brand formed last year in the weeks after Hall caused a media stir when CHS broke the news that she had applied for a I-502 retail license. The retail license fell through, and Hall would be barred from applying again unless she drops her current producer license.

Upon learning Hall had an interest in retail marijuana, Seattle-based edibles manufacturer DB3 contacted Hall to see if she would be interested in partnering with the company to create a line of edibles.

Jumping into edibles wouldn’t come without some risk. Hall had her Cupcake Royale reputation to consider. She also had to raise money for the first time. So far, she said she’s enjoyed the challenge of creating a line of refined edibles that values good taste as much as a good high.

Hall began her career with Starbucks before moving on to Cupcake Royale. She said she’s excited to be a pioneer in the country’s nascent legal marijuana industry, and thinks edibles are only just taking off.

“It’s a fun, liberating feeling. Definitely better than smoking,” Hall said. “It’s a real beautiful, positive experience.”

Find out more on the Goodship Facebook page.

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21 thoughts on “Sophisticated pot cookies from Cupcake Royale owner hit Washington shelves this week

    • Actually, Uncle Ike’s product menu has all the 10mg THC cookies at $12 each, so the pricing is inline. Would it be cheaper to get THC in another edible form (lozenges or whatnot), and then make your own cookies at home? I suppose so. But the Goodship prices are in line with the industry at the moment.

      As far as controlling dosage like they say, I would think should the cookie aspect be delicious, it would be difficult to only eat half of it and wait.

      I don’t see any backlash against her cupcake business though. Non-THC snacks would be good to have around. Now if you want to talk about overpriced, talk about individually bought fancy cupcakes. Make those at home for sure to save.

    • Dom Pérignon and Andre probably both have the same alcohol content. Does that mean Dom Pérignon should also cost $4/bottle?

  1. 10 mg is a low dose, i could eat 12 and they would be half as good as my cookies. Yes I make mine 24 x stronger!

  2. Maybe if you are a daily, heavy user of pot, then these prices seem costly. But those kinds of users (who tend to predominate these kinds of discussions and are often the most vocal) are increasingly the minority in a legal system in which marijuana is legalized. Pot is just going to be another form of recreational mood-altering substance like alcohol.

    $10 for a cookie (and likely a good tasting one at that) which has a dosage sufficient for two recreational users seems quite fair (that is, people who do not use pot daily and are probably only using a few times a week or less). At $5 per person, that is literally the price of a pint of beer not called Budweiser or PBR. And half a cookie will get a normal person way more plastered than a single beer.

    Again, these recreational MJ prices only seem excessive if you are a serious stoner. Much like $5 – $7 pints might seem excessive if you drink a six pack a day.

  3. No surprised. Niche pot cookies: just another example of the high-priced hipsterdom that was once our neighborhood.

    • I totally get your point of view, and for me I could interpret it similarly. Except for the fact that Goodship doesn’t own the edibles market. They will be just one more option. And people can buy marijuana and take it home and make their own edibles. If hipsters are not DIYers (and I haven’t kept track of the stereotype to know if they are or not), then I don’t want to label something hipster when it can be DIY thing too. Sometimes a cookie is just a cookie, even with a fancy name.

      It’s just marketing. It’s hard to differentiate a product without it seeming hard to make at home, with some unusual ingredient, and I don’t mean marijuana. That’s not unusual at all. So DIY it yourself at home and don’t give Goodship any business.

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  5. I’d rather bring a joint to a dinner party (with pot obtained on the black market) and then enjoy a Royale cupcake for dessert. Salted caramel, oh yeah . . .

  6. The high taxes and high prices are only keeping the tax-free illegal trade alive and well. If there are any future changes to the law they should include grow-your-own.

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