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44 vie to fill temporary slot on Seattle’s City Council

CouncilHeader23Sally Clark’s mid-term, mid-election retirement from the City Council has, indeed, created some new twists in Seattle’s politics. 44 people have registered to fill her position until the fall election brings in the new district-based council members. You’ll see some familiar names like Peter Steinbrueck, who played to the slow-growth crowd in his bid for the mayor’s office in 2013, and former City Council and County Council member Jan Drago. Others are less familiar. Others, you’ll need to tell us all about. CHS shared Council President Tim Burgess’s framework for finding Clark’s short-term replacement earlier this month. Part of the deal is the candidates will need to pledge not to use the short-term appointment as a springboard for a run at joining the council full-time. The roster and more on the process provided by the City Council is below.

Last Name First Name Date Submitted Application Materials
Alexander Linda 4/10/2015 Application
Bloom David 4/14/2015 Application
Bollo Christina 4/14/2015 Application
Bowman Kyle 4/14/2015 Application
Casaletto Daniel 4/11/2015 Application
Drago Jan 4/12/2015 Application
Falkenbury Dick 4/6/2015 Application
Fisher H. Richmond 4/14/2015 Application
Frame Noel 4/14/2015 Application
Gillespie Brandon 4/14/2015 Application
Harrison Rob 4/13/2015 Application
Himes Andrew 4/14/2015 Application
Hirakawa Gregg H. 4/12/2015 Application
Jannetti Anne 4/7/2015 Application
Janof Timothy L. 4/8/2015 Application
Lee Sharon 4/14/2015 Application
Maeda Sharon 4/10/2015 Application
McBride Mathew 4/12/2015 Application
Morningstar Sarah 4/7/2015 Application
Moseley David H. 4/9/2015 Application
O’Sullivan Rory 4/14/2015 Application
Obiya Ricky O 4/10/2015 Application
Okamoto John 4/14/2015 Application
Pitchford Thomas 4/14/2015 Application
Porter Chris L. 4/13/2015 Application
Pottharst Ed 4/14/2015 Application
Rivers Donovan 4/14/2015 Application
Rosellini Giovanni 4/10/2015 Application
Secrest Shelley 4/14/2015 Application
Sedlik Earl 4/14/2015 Application
Shuler Mauri Moore 4/13/2015 Application
Siegfriedt Sarajane 4/14/2015 Application
Sigler Norman 4/14/2015 Application
Soloman Mark 4/14/2015 Application
Spahn Emily 4/14/2015 Application
Steinbrueck Peter 4/14/2015 Application
Stephens Alec 4/14/2015 Application
Studders Karen 4/14/2015 Application
Tilahun Senait 4/14/2015 Application
Toledo David 4/13/2015 Application
Twiss Amanda 4/13/2015 Application
Wills Heidi 4/14/2015 Application
Wright Howard 4/14/2015 Application
Yeaworth David 4/14/2015 Application


City Council Receives Forty Four Applications for Vacancy

Updated Schedule for Appointment Consideration Announced 

SEATTLECouncil President Tim Burgess announced today that the Council has received forty four applications from Seattleites seeking to fill Council Position 9, the seat vacated by Sally J. Clark.  Candidate names, resumes and cover letters are available here for public review.  Council President Burgess also announced a revised schedule today to ensure all Councilmembers can be present for the presentations from finalists, now scheduled for April 24.


“Seattle has developed a reputation for deep civic engagement and the robust pool of applicants proves that once again,” said Burgess. “I thank all of these individuals for their willingness to consider public service on the Council.”

Members of the public can submit comments about potential appointees via email at [email protected], by calling Council offices, or in person at the meetings on April 20, 24 or 27.

The Council will follow the process outlined below:

City Council Executive Session to Discuss Qualifications: Friday, April 17, 9:30 a.m.
As permitted by the Open Public Meetings Act, the Council will meet in executive session to discuss the qualifications of candidates. 

City Council Selection of Finalists: Monday, April 20, 2:00 p.m.
The City Council will select and vote on a short list of finalists for the position at the Full Council meeting.

Presentations by Finalists to City Council: Friday, April 24, 4:00 p.m. [revised]
The City Council will convene a special public meeting to hear 3-minute presentations from the finalists, ask questions of the finalists, and receive comments from the public.

City Council Appointment: Monday, April 27, 2:00 p.m.
The Council will fill the vacancy at the Full Council meeting by a majority vote.


The City Charter gives the City Council 20 days to fill a vacant Council position. This period began April 13, 2015. In the event the Council fails to fill the vacant position by the end of that 20-day period, the Council must meet every business day thereafter until the vacancy is filled.



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9 years ago

I really hope the sexy vampire from True Blood is chosen to represent our city!

Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor
9 years ago

Dick Falkenbury is hereby awarded the job, based on his having submitted the briefest application (of those I looked at). I expect him to have the monorail lines up and running by the time he leaves office in 7 months.

9 years ago

Go Sarah! I’m on board to vote for you.