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Blotter | Central District shootout arrest, Cal Anderson ‘washboard’ band robbery

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  • MLK/Jeff gunfire arrest: SPD arrested one male suspect and impounded an SUV after reported gunfire near MLK and Jefferson involving at least two vehicles Monday afternoon around 2 PM. There were no reported injuries. SPD stopped one vehicle but found found no gun, casings, or damage, according to East Precinct radio dispatches. Witnesses who said they saw the vehicles involved in the shootout helped identify the suspect taken into custody.
  • 18th Ave robbery: A woman reported she was robbed at gunpoint inside her 18th Ave garage Monday morning. Police were called to a home on 18th Ave near E Union around 10:45 AM. The victim told police the suspect entered the garage and robbed her of her purse and car keys. The woman told police the man was armed with a black handgun. The suspect was described as an Asian male in his 30s, wearing a black hoodie and light pants. He was also reportedly carrying a black folder and asked the woman for directions to Harborview before fleeing southbound on 18th Ave. There were no immediate arrests.
  • Cal Anderson ‘washboard’ band robbery: The SPD report on this 6 PM, April 8th robbery in Cal Anderson Park is, sadly, a Capitol Hill classic
    Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.30.58 PMThe responding officer reports that the victim had “some very minor redness” on his face and was also intoxicated “which made getting additional details difficult.” The victim was treated at the scene by Seattle Fire. Officers checked the park “and were unable to locate the described suspects or any witnesses.”
  • Tablet grab: Police were called to a nearby residence just after midnight Sunday for a reported tablet mugging. The victims told police they were standing near Belmont and E Pine when a man on a bike grabbed the computer and fled. There were no arrests and the stolen tablet was not immediately recovered.
  • 23rd Ave robbery: The victim in an April 20th, 5:30 PM robbery inside a residential building’s parking garage on 23rd Ave near Madison told police the suspect pushed her into a corner as he ripped of her purse and laptop. The victim “described the suspect as a black male, clean shaven, approximately 5′-06″, and wearing a soft hat with a rim around it, a gray sweatshirt, and possibly wearing black jeans,” according to the SPD report on the incident. One of the victim’s credit cards was used later that same day.
  • Broadway/Jeff mugging: The victim in a street robbery at Broadway and Jefferson waited four days to report the crime:Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 2.43.56 PMThe victim told police he was extremely intoxicated at the time of the April 17th, 4 AM robbery and may have been given a ride home by a police officer after the crime.
  • Montlake burglaries: Police are investigating two Montlake-area burglaries with big paydays for the involved thieves. In one incident from Thursday, April 23rd, a noontime burglary emptied a 1700 block 26th Ave E home of more than $11,000 worth of electronics and goods after a side door was kicked in. In a second home burglary reported on Monday, April 20th in the 2500 block of Boyer Ave E, thieves had time to trash the house and make off with a car and a motorcycle. SPD burglary detectives were investigating both break-ins.
  • Just f-ing with you: The suspect in a reported robbery attempt at a business in the 1000 block of Pike last Wednesday around 10 AM apparently changed his mind:
    Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 2.51.40 PM
  • 10th/Pine beating: SPD officers responding to a reported assault at 10th and E Pine just before last call on Wednesday, April 15th encountered a confusing situation. One witness said the attack was a hate crime…
    Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.07.55 PMThe victim told police he was, indeed, gay, and was, indeed, knocked out:Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.08.02 PMBut SPD said the victim provided another possible explanation for the assault:
    Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.08.15 PMThere were no arrests.
  • Park assault: A Seattle Parks worker called police to a disturbance at Cal Anderson but gave up waiting for officers to arrive and walked to East Precinct to report a possible assault, according to the report on the 8 AM, April 20th incident:Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.13.29 PMSPD told the victim to call again if he saw the suspect.
  • E Pike fight: Police broke up a large fight in the 1000 block of E Pike around closing time on Sunday, April 12th after a female victim was reported on the ground and bleeding from the head. One witness account was particularly colorful:Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.24.19 PMThe female victim suffered a contusion to the back of her head, a nostril injury and a possible broken nose and was taken to the hospital. In the melee, a purse was also reported stolen. Police made one arrest after a witness identified the male as the female victim’s assailant.
  • Assault suspect arrested: In a couple of connected Pike/Pine assaults we didn’t get to earlier this month, police were looking for a male suspect who reportedly left a trail of carnage in his wake. In the first of the two April 4th incidents, a male victim was found beaten unconscious in front of a 700 E Pike nightspot:Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.17.35 PMMinutes later, SPD rushed to the scene of a second assault involving the same suspect — and a grisly injury — outside a club at 11th and Pine:Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 3.21.04 PMThe suspect told police he was attempting to break up an altercation outside the club. He was arrested for investigation of assault.


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One thought on “Blotter | Central District shootout arrest, Cal Anderson ‘washboard’ band robbery

  1. Among the long list of assaults, I find the most upsetting one that in which a park worker attempted to get the police to respond to his call and got tired of waiting so, had to walk over to the East Precinct in order to get help. THIS POLICE STATION IS ACROSS THE STREET AND UP ONE BLOCK. Why the police can’t get somebody to assist a park worker across the street in time to lend some sort of assistance is bewildering to me. And I know — I’m going to get a lot of commenters excusing the police because they can’t respond to all calls but this is just plain wrong, IMO.