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CHS Crow | Jonti, Sam and Que — Montage of Heck edition

It’s hard to say what Kurt Cobain might have thought of it all. Maybe he would have smirked in bemusement at some point, at least. The Egyptian was sold out in advance Thursday evening for an exclusive screening of Montage of Heck, a documentary about the oft-idolized Nirvana front man Cobain, with director Brett Morgen in attendance and addressing the audience before the film. The CHS Crow stopped by and chatted with some fans of Nirvana and of what has been labeled “grunge rock” who came out to see Morgen’s patchwork portrait depicting a sensitive and troubled, driven and often vexed, artistic genius from Aberdeen, Washington.


JontiWhat did you think about the film?
I thought it was pretty enlightening, man. A lot of stuff I’ve always wondered about. Really nice.

So you grew up a Nirvana fan?
I became a Nirvana fan probably like early in high school, maybe like ’89. That’s about when I realized I loved that Kurt Cobain.

What in the film stuck out for you as being enlightening, or as giving you new insight?
His family life. I think that was the most enlightening thing. Because everything else you’ve heard before. But the fact that you got to see all that stuff behind the scenes on the family life, I think that was new.

Is there anything else about the film that seemed distinct?
It seemed real. I remember when the first movie came out, Kurt and Courtney, way back in the day. And that was just fake, it seemed so fake. This seems real, close to home. So for all of us fans of Nirvana, it was good.

And who are you, what are you all about?
I’m a fan of rock and roll. I’m a big fan of the rock and I’m a big fan of the Seattle scene, so ever since I was old enough to know what  music was … The grunge scene in Seattle, l’ve always liked it all. But Nirvana’s always what was in my deck all throughout high school … To this day it’s not played out.

You grew up around here?
I grew up in Anacortes, Washington.

What are you guys up to after this?
We may get another drink. I think we both gotta’ work in the morning. It’s Thursday night, but, you know …

Do you play music yourself?
A little bit, a little.bit. I don’t tell anyone. But I play guitar and sing a little.

What do you have to say to the people of Capitol Hill?
Thank you for having us, and, grunge rules.


C.DSCF1100What did you think about the film?
As a Nirvana fan I’ve seen about all but 20 minutes of the film already. I hated the animation. It wasn’t even Kurt’s voice. And I feel like it was a terrible portrayal of the whole situation.

… anything you didn’t like about the film?
[Laughter]. I love Kurt, I just hated the film.

Anything you did like about it?
Yeah the bits of footage I hadn’t seen before I did like. Of him and Courtney. Of him and Francis. And some of the underground footage they had of the older shows was really cool. And seeing Tracy was really cool. But a lot of that stuff has already been published out, and with a simple Google search you can find it.

What would you have done differently?
I would have not put already published material in to a documentary that is so “exclusive” and released by HBO. Things that have already been seen before.

Well, who are you, what are you all about?
I’m just a huge Nirvana fan, and I love Nirvana and I love Seattle, but I was just disappointed.

Did you grow up around here?
No, I moved here actually a couple years ago … I live down in Lower Queen Anne, but I love Capitol Hill.

What are you are you guys up to after this?
We’re going to Linda’s. A place that Kurt always loved to go to.  And that I really love to go to.

What do you have to say to the people of Capitol Hill?
Just keep being progressive. Go Hillary 2016.


C.DSCF1105What brought you out tonight?
I wanted to pay homage to a Seattle native, and see what the grunge is all about. Nirvana’s part of a history, it’s our culture. It’s from us, we are Seattle, you know.

You’re from town?
I’m a Washingtonian, from Tacoma. But I love making my travels to Seattle.

Are you a Nirvana fan?
I do love some Nirvana. … It’s more the cultural significance, and bringing back what was lost. The nostalgia of the whole grunge phase, coming back again.

Do you think it is coming back again?
In other ways. It comes back in fashion. It comes back in personas. It comes back in music, if you will. It’s not going anywhere. It hasn’t really gone anywhere to begin with. But it’s definitely had it’s [peak]. And now it’s coming back.

What are you looking forward to most in the film?
Inspiration for more artistic endeavors.

And who are you, what are  you all about?
I’m about a little bit of everything and a little bit of nothing.

Are you an artist?
I’m an artist, but I’m not. Does that make sense? [Laughter].

Are you in school, working?
I’m in school.

What are you studying? 
Automotive technician.

What are you guys up to after this?
There’s a bar right around the corner, and there’s no cover. So we just might go in there.

What do you have to say to  the people of Capitol Hill?
Keep your flags raised — pride. And go Seahawks.



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