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Derschangigan’s brings Blooming’ Onions, Appletinis to Broadway

(Image: Derschanigan's)

(Image: Derschangigan’s)

Derschangigan’s, an overhauled concept designed to better monetize the space where her Bait Shop “dive bar” apparently failed to take off after only 28 months of business, will open Wednesday on Broadway in a surprising change of pace for one of Capitol Hill’s leading figures in food and drink, CHS has learned.

After a secret buildout, the new venture is planned to debut on Broadway Wednesday.

“I’ve lived in this neighborhood for the last 30 years, and I’ve never been afraid of trying new things,” Linda Derschang said in announcement of the change-up. The full press release is below.

unnamed (41)The Bait Shop shake-up has transformed the 2012-born nautical-themed dive bar into a comfortable barstaurant inspired in part by “vintage movie posters, old license plates,” and  “oversized playing cards.”

The surprise announcement from Derschang comes as the Capitol Hill food and drink veteran had said she was done opening new venues. Apparently she wasn’t done having really great ideas!

Derschang says she was moved to make the shift after traveling in North Dakota and experiencing the region’s one of a kind meat.

“I’ve had beef a thousand ways,” Derschang says in the announcement of Derschangigan’s. But she says she had never experienced the “burning” and “oily” highlights achieved in the new Derschangigan’s-style preparation.

Visitors to the Wednesday debut will also enjoy Derschangigan’s Blooming’ Onions and Classic Appletinis. Also expect to see changes in service at the venue with Derschang’s progressive new FLAIR system.

Meanwhile, Derschang’s confidence in a huge investment like Derschangigan’s is another sure sign that Seattle restauranteurs aren’t slowing down with Wednesday’s implementation of the first phase of the city’s new minimum wage law.

Capitol Hill has not been kind to “big chain”-style concepts. One recent example is the Daphne from Starbucks which shuttered before it ever opened at 14th and Madison.

Derschangigan’s is located at 606 Broadway E and will open 4 PM to 2 AM for its April 1st grand opening.

The full announcement from Derschangigan’s is below.

Derschang Group is proud to announce the newest member of their family: Derschangigan’s. This backwards-sunglasses-wearing-suburban-comfort-food-with-a-goatee restaurant will be located at 606 Broadway and will be holding a liquid cheese-soaked grand opening on Wednesday, April 1st!

After opening Linda’s Tavern twenty-one years ago and subsequent unique projects (King’s Hardware, Smith, Oddfellows, Bait Shop and Tallulah’s), Linda Derschang was inspired to open Derschangigan’s after a recent trip to Nepuskootchee, North Dakota where she was introduced to a new set of culinary ideals and textures – namely, the Berzerko Blasted Beef Bits with extra mayo.

“I’ve had beef a thousand ways,” Derschang recalled fondly with a hint of MSG dancing merrily in her eyes. “Roasted and served with horseradish crème, covered in balsamic demi-glace or just simply grilled… but I had never tasted anything like those Berzerko Bits. Like a samurai sword choosing its master, those unidentifiable chunks of what I’m pretty sure was beef chose ME. It was love at first burning, oily bite. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I had already helped myself to a couple, er, five of their Preposterously Peachy Pomegranate Mimosas.”

After sampling some of Nepuskootchee’s other delicacies including their Nummy Nummers Crunch Munchers Sampler Splatter and their Crispy-Fried Dirt Diamonds, Derschang knew that she had no greater desire than to bring these delectable delights to the denizens of Seattle at Derschangigan’s.

“I’ve lived in this neighborhood for the last thirty years, and I’ve never been afraid of trying new things,” Derschang said recently over a 64 oz. Big Gulp Slurpee and pair of Pepperoni Tornados. “I can’t wait to bring this exciting, innovative food trend to Capitol Hill. Soon, anyone in the city will be able to enjoy a piping hot order of Zip Zappy Zing Blinged-Out Wings with a side of Frenzy Freedom Fries and sip on a delicious Strawberry Blitzer Spritzer.”

The decor of Derschangigan’s was inspired by vintage movie posters, old license plates, oversized playing cards, actual bags of trash, TMZ, and the band One Direction.

Please join us for the grand unveiling of DERSCHANGIGAN’S on Wednesday, April 1st.

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11 thoughts on “Derschangigan’s brings Blooming’ Onions, Appletinis to Broadway

  1. At first, I’m reading this morning, like always. And something is just off. I’m like, really? Srsly? That name. Then I open a couple other webpages and it hits me. Jokes on us. Good one.

  2. The scary thing is that I can see this concept working with the hipsters who don’t understand what irony actually means. (And I would go for the liquid cheese.)