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Blotter | Police investigate Nagle Place beating — Plus, Seattle U bomb threat arrest

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  • Nagle beating: Police had just left the scene when the assailants in an early morning assault returned and beat and robbed their victim Thursday on Nagle Place, according to the SPD report on the incident and East Precinct radio dispatches.The victim in the April 16th attack around 1 AM on the street just off Cal Anderson Park suffered a head injury, cuts, and bruises in the attack that started as a seeming one-sided dispute outside the Rock Box:

    Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.49.47 AM

    Officers responding to the initial fight disturbance contacted the victim as the reported assailants fled the scene. The victim and two friends were walking to a nearby vehicle when the group and the main assailant returned. “You better keep walking,” the male in the gray shirt reportedly yelled. According to the police report, the victim stopped and asked, “What is your problem?” as the group punched and pushed the victim to the ground. After stealing the victim’s phone and doing $280 in damage to a business’s sign, the group fled the area southbound on 11th Ave.

    Assaults and robberies across Capitol Hill in the first three months of 2015 came in at almost the same totals as the same period in 2014 (Source: SPD)

    Assaults and robberies across Capitol Hill in the first three months of 2015 came in at almost the same totals as the same period in 2014 (Source: SPD)

    The attack comes amid ongoing concern from the Pike/Pine business and nightlife community about street crime in the area and around Cal Anderson Park. On Friday, East Precinct’s new commander Capt. Paul McDonagh outlined increased patrols underway in the area. Meanwhile, the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce is leading an effort to create better lighting around Cal Anderson to help make the area safer.

    There were no immediate arrests in Thursday morning’s incident but police were reviewing possible evidence including video surveillance and receipt records from one of the suspects who reportedly used a credit card in a nearby business earlier that night.

    The victim was transported to the hospital for treatment for a possible head injury.

  • Bomb threats arrest: Seattle University announced the Monday morning arrest of a student suspected of leaving threatening notes that forced the evacuations of three campus buildings Friday morning. The school’s announcement says the student is also believed to have been responsible for notes found at Swedish hospital buildings over the weekend:
    Earlier today, the Seattle Police Department took into custody a Seattle University student who is a suspect in the investigation of the handwritten bomb threats found on the university’s campus Friday morning and threatening notes found at Swedish Medical Center’s Cherry Hill and James Tower locations on Saturday morning.The threats do not appear to have been credible and we have no reason to believe there is any cause for additional concern about the notes.
  • UPDATE — ‘East Precinct Captain Helps Catch Cal Anderson Park Assailant’ — Apparently Capt. McDonagh is taking this street crime crackdown into his own hands:
    East Precinct Captain Paul McDonagh helped catch an assault suspect during a weekend nightlife patrol on Capitol Hill. Just before midnight, Captain McDonagh was walking through Cal Anderson Park when he spotted the 17-year-old suspect punching a 34-year-old man. The suspect knocked the victim to the ground in the attack, and continued to punch him and he lay unconscious on the ground. The suspect looked up and saw Chief McDonagh and a civilian SPD employee racing toward him, and took off running. Captain McDonagh, accompanied by the fleet-footed SPD civilian employee, chased after the suspect as he ran toward Broadway. There, East Precinct officers spotted the suspect and took him into custody. Medics treated the victim at the scene and police booked the 17-year-old suspect into King County’s Youth Services Center for investigation of assault.
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4 thoughts on “Blotter | Police investigate Nagle Place beating — Plus, Seattle U bomb threat arrest

  1. Speaking of crime on the hill, does anyone know what happened on Boylston between Pike and Pine Saturday night? I know there were 2 ambulances and cop cars and saw a huge blood stain Sunday morning but didn’t see anything in the world of twitter that night. Hope whomever’s blood that was is okay. :/

  2. It’s a good sign that Capt. McDonagh acted to chase down the assailant, and an even better sign that he was patrolling Cal Anderson Park late at night. The guy cares about the problems in his precinct!

  3. You’d have to be an overpaid idiot to live near Cal Anderson Park.

    I don’t know who Cal Anderson is/was, but why let that park drag his name thru the mud like that?
    Call it Capitol Hill Crime Park, instead.

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