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On the List | Garfield High Drumline Expo, Bite of Greece, Invisible Arcade, Cathedrals X

The Bulldog Drumline Expo (BDX) in 2014 (Image: CHS)

The Bulldog Drumline Expo (BDX) in 2014 (Image: CHS)

A seventh annual celebration of keeping the beat and hitting it hard at Garfield High School leads this weekend’s parade of things to do around Capitol Hill.

The Bulldog Drumline Expo (BDX) is Saturday:

Mark your calendars for the 7th Annual Bulldog Drumline Expo (BDX) on May 30th, 2015 from 12 noon to 3pm at the Garfield High School Gymnasium in Seattle. The event brings middle and high school drumlines from across the state to showcase their talent and compete in friendly drumline battles. Garfield’s Varsity Drumline as the host school will showcase their music and perform cadences.

Here’s what it looked — and sounded — like in 2014.

More weekend highlights:

  • ecLyiH_rsz_1rsz_1rsz_ad_250_x_250_5-6-15Pedestrian Pike/Pine discussion — Thursday: The Capitol Hill Community Council meets Thursday night for a public discussion on creating a Pike/Pine pedestrian zone.
  • Tashkent Park Improvement — Thursday: Add your feedback to the plans to upgrade Boylston Ave’s Tashkent Park.
  • Invisible Arcade at Fred Wildlife — Thursday: Invisible Arcade is “a recurring video game expo/concert” in which “performers play their games on-stage as a performance for the audience.” Some of you probably just said, “No way.” Others said, “Cool!” Added bonus: It’s free.
  • Bite of Greece — all weekend: Head to 13th Ave for the the 3rd Annual Bite of Greece at the Greek Orthodox Church of the Assumption: From souvlaki to salata, from bougatsa to baklava! We have a Taverna, Kafenion, and music and dancing too! OPA!!!
  • Montlake Elementary 3rd Annual Eat Real & Art Walk — Friday: The Montlake Elementary school fundraiser includes “school garden tours, plant sales, fresh food by Cafe Lago, El Chito, and Big Spoon Ice Cream, a small farmers market,live music from past graduates, UW Bookstore sale, and the ever popular urban farm animal petting zoo.”5-30-Cathedrals-X-Web-590x456-400x309
  • Cathedrals X — Saturday: St. Mark’s hosts a night of “a’capella performances by local indie musicians.”
  • A Celebration of Judith Kitchen — Sunday: Hugo House hosts a memorial for writer Judith Kitchen. “In addition to a few planned remembrances, there will be a chance for anybody who is so moved to speak briefly about Judith, read something of hers, or read something influenced by her.” The reviewer for the Georgia Review passed away last fall.

Check out the CHS Calendar for more or add your community events. 

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6 years ago

Thanks for the events listings! I also want to shout out to Garfield’s production of RENT, which ends this weekend. Many of those high school students can really sing! Sure, we were some of only a handful of non-student/non-parent audience members, but who cares–ticket sales support our local public high school arts program, which benefits the whole community. I recommend it to all the RENT heads in capitol hill/CD area.

6 years ago

Thank you WER for the shoutout! We are so proud of our students and their daring production — all student-run except for the director and music director. Garfield has it going on this weekend between our show and the Bulldog Drum Line. The arts are alive at Garfield!

ranting old man
ranting old man
6 years ago

My neighbor’s boy is at Garfield and is part of their great jazz program. I find it both amazing and kind of sad that a school that has so much talent can’t manage to field a marching band. I think back to my nerdy teen years, when I was a drummer in my high school’s Marching Band, and those are some of my best memories.

Marching Band teaches teamwork, leadership, and you don’t necessarily have to be a great musician to be part of it. Plus, halftime shows are a great way to keep the audience in the stands and the kids out of trouble.

OK, I am now done with my old man rant.

OK, my old man rant is now over.

Tony Sodano
6 years ago

Hey Ranting Old Man

That is in deed an interesting comment. I have been the marching band director at Garfield the past 8 years and we have IN FACT fielded a marching band each and every year.

Tell tell the truth we have been very busy and actively each of those years performing. Did we miss ya??

Hope that helps your rant.

Ranting old man
Ranting old man
6 years ago
Reply to  Tony Sodano

As I said, my neighbor’s kid goes to Garfield and is in the music program. It seems like every fall they talk about doing *a* halftime show or parade, but it always falls apart. I’ve even seen the emails from the director saying such.

Do you have more than one marching band, like you do one jazz band? Some more information and less self-defensiveness would help here. Do you do halftime shows at all the home games? What parades have you marched in?

Tony Sodano
6 years ago

Dear uninformed person,

You see the only reason I am taking time to reply to you is because your original post is damaging, as in, you could be taken as speaking factually by an uninformed reader. Truth is you are actually wrong while typing away about what you perceive as being true about Garfield marching band program.

You make reference to the great jazz band program but say we don’t even have a marching band. You go further to say you don’t have to be a good musician to be in marching band??…. So much inaccuracy in what you wrote about Garfield and music pedagogy in general. This is why I sound defensive to you and well help you find the correct information. You are welcome.

Making reference to what you just replied to me..I am SO curious what emails from ME have you seen saying our shows fall apart? I have never had shows fall apart. Yikes! We have done field shows every year that I have been running the band for 8 seasons of football.

The marching band has been at every home game, some away and even playoff games for football and also supports the basketball team going the entire season ALLLLL the way to State. Our marching season is from August until February. Also during that time we attended marching band festivals and competed with other bands. This does not count community appearances we make as well. One could say that we are very successful at what we do and keep an audience in the stands. We do not do parades. On average I am out with the students two weekends a month year long – this takes the time commitment of parades for us. Its a healthy trade off.

I believe you made reference to yourself as being a drummer? I would highly suggest that you get connected with the prowess that is the current Garfield High School Drumline. You will find that the GHS Drumline, alone, has taken no less than 1st place in the past 2 years of drumline competitions against drumlines from the state of Washington in addition to countless appearances city wide.

You should have really come to the Drumline festival that was the original advertisement on this thread.

Below I am pasting a youtube link to a video of GHS Drumline drumming from Yesterday.