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Sure, the ‘Fuck Starbucks’ sign on E Olive Way was neat but what about Broadway Store #12286?

The question isn’t who is responsible for this pretty well done stunt that briefly graced the top of the E Olive Way Starbucks Tuesday morning.

Broadway's Store #12286

Broadway’s Store #12286

Or why “anarchists” target Starbucks. We know that already.

We want to know what Howard Schultz is going to do for his Broadway location — the last of the Capitol Hill Starbucks to get a full-on new-era SBUX coat of refurbishment.

Now that it has spent millions on its giant Melrose roastery, the company has seen fit to budget an overhaul of the Broadway Starbucks store, according to permits.

Company reps haven’t got back to us on exactly what the work will entail, but the shop is the company’s most basic on the Hill considering its fancy E Olive Way, Roy Street, 15th Ave, Pike and Broadway, and Roastery cafes.

From the look of permits, the shop at the corner of Broadway and Republican is getting an upgrade and clean-up of the somewhat ragged location. If you have any other suggestions for Starbucks, you know what to do with them.

UPDATE: Starbucks got back to us with a little bit of information about the Broadway store changes. It’s part of the company’s “regular renovation cycle for stores” and will be focused on “new design materials, as well as coffee bar and food case updates in addition to expanding the outdoor seating.”

Starbucks did not, however, respond to our question about the E Olive Way sign.

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17 thoughts on “Sure, the ‘Fuck Starbucks’ sign on E Olive Way was neat but what about Broadway Store #12286?

  1. Man that was a confusingly worded article. I had to re-read like 6 times to understand what it was reporting on.

    TL;DR: Starbucks took out a building permit for this location and we don’t know what they’re doing yet.

  2. Hopefully some sort of major haul; I love Starbucks (*ducks thrown tomatoes*), but this location is consistently the worst I visit. Poor quality, order is wrong or forgotten half the time, unfriendly/unhelpful baristas. An upgrade of any sort is definitely welcome.

    • Not sure why the difference in your experience, but I never have a problem at this store. I find the employees very nice, my order is right, and service is good. It’ll never be a big-grossing store though– it just doesn’t have the “hang out” space or atmosphere the other nearby bigger ones do.

  3. This is one of the oldest stores in their portfolio. It hasn’t had a reno in ages so any refreshing is long overdue.

  4. because the renos are based on store performance, this store has been passed over year after year as it doesn’t receive the amount of business that it should due to the other sbux in the area. Starbucks will not give up the real estate, however, as they dont want any other coffee company to move in.

    Year after year this store gets brought up internally, but little is ever done to it due to the finances. Hopefully it will get some long needed attention finally

    • I don’t think the other Starbucks stores in the area are this particular location’s problem. The Vivaces and TNT have it covered for that stretch. If SBUX is really only interested in holding onto the spot, I think it’d be a great place to try out some kind of rotating experimental coffee showcase. Maybe a sort of Reserve Satellite.

      • It would benefit from dumpsters not being so close to the outdoor seating area. But not sure where else they could go.

      • They’ve done that with their Roy Street store. I wouldn’t expect to see any presence of Reserve here. I expect they will optimize the bar to meet today’s offerings and create a more usable seating area.

  5. I kind of like the low key vibe of this store, and the very friendly employees…all the over-the-top Starbucks crap is a bit much at the other Hill locations…

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  7. Starbucks provides even part-time employees with health insurance and tuition benefits, and you want to “fuck” it? A**holes.

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