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Blotter | SPD looking for suspects in Pike/Boylston Pride gay bashing

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  • Pike gay bashing: Seattle Police are investigating a gay bashing reported early Sunday morning near Pike and Boylston:

    In the first incident, officers responded to Pike St. and Boylston Ave around 2 AM Sunday after a gay couple reported they had been attacked by a group of suspects, who told them they were “celebrating Pride, too.”

    The victim told police he was sitting on the street when one of the victims struck him in the hand.

    When the victim asked the suspect what he was doing, he responded “we’re celebrating Pride, too,” followed by an anti-gay slur. The suspect then punched the victim in the face, knocking him to the ground.

    The victim’s boyfriend intervened, but the two other male suspects joined the attack, knocking the second victim to the ground as well. The suspects then repeatedly kicked the victims as they lay on the pavement.

    One victim sustained a possible broken nose and scrapes in the assault. The other victim had a tooth knocked out in the attack, and sustained possible broken hand.

    The victims described the three attackers as a black male wearing a blue and white striped shirt and jeans, a heavy set black male wearing a white shirt and jeans, and a white male, approximately 5’11, 140 pounds, with blonde hair. The victims also said two women accompanied the suspects during the attack. The victims were only able to describe one woman as asian, and the other as black.

    SPD says the Capitol Hill attack is one of three malicious harassment investigations underway from Pride weekend incidents around the city.

  • Broadway phone robberies: SPD responded to two reports of Pride Weekend cell phone robberies along Broadway early Saturday morning. In the first incident near Broadway and Denny, the victim reportedly was choked in a phone robbery around 3 AM. Police also were called to Broadway and Pike later in the morning around 3:50 AM to a report that a male suspect had grabbed the victim’s phone and ran. There was no additional suspect information available and there were no immediate arrests.
  • I-5 fall: Seattle Police were investigating after a woman was reported to have jumped from the Madison overpass and was struck by a vehicle on I-5 late on the night of Friday, June 26th. According to police radio dispatches, the woman had been reported distraught and had been talked from the ledge of one overpass by a 911 caller earlier in the night. CHS has not yet verified if the woman survived the incident.
  • Pride drone knockout: Police are searching for the pilot of a drone that reportedly fell from the sky during Sunday’s Pride parade downtown and knocked a woman unconscious.
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15 thoughts on “Blotter | SPD looking for suspects in Pike/Boylston Pride gay bashing

  1. I’m the older brother of one of the victims and showed up just after it happened. Just to confirm, my brother was punched 5 times in the face and his nose is definitely broken His boyfriend’s finger is broken along with a missing tooth. I’m glad this made it to the blog. The more exposure the better, the more likely the attackers will be caught. I’m pretty sure the group of attackers were coming from 95 slide just after the bars let out.

    • 95 Slide?!? No way! Are you telling me that they don’t enforce their hand painted window sign about having zero tolerance for intolerance? I thought bigots weren’t allowed! It’s on a sign! Surely you’re mistaken. I’ve found their clientele to be open-minded and have nothing but the utmost respect for the neighborhood they’re in. Check your facts!

      • This guy came to inform the online CH community about the tragic and horrific violence that his brother faced and you respond with a snarky comment about the sign at 95 slide? It’s valuable information knowing that they came from that bar. Worth seeing if 95 slide noticed anything about this group of people, or if there were any events at the bar leading up to the attack that could help make sense of it all.

        Levi, I am so sorry about what happened to your brother and my thoughts go out to you and your family. There are a lot of good people doing work to prevent stuff like this from happening, but unfortunately things aren’t changing fast enough.

  2. In regards to the Gay Bashing the description of the “Suspects” are “a black male wearing a blue and white striped shirt and jeans, a heavy set black male wearing a white shirt and jeans” and then “a white male, approximately 5’11, 140 pounds, with blonde hair”
    Why describe the height and weight of the White guy but only say the others were BLACK and are wearing clothes.
    So the only way to tell black people apart is by their clothes because they all look the same but for white people especially on the Hill you need Height, Weight and hair color because White people are being forced out by the Asians and people with jobs and you cannot remember what they look like.
    This situation is awful and there are two sides to every story and at 2am outside a bar, the description in the report I do not think Gay bashing but drunk arrogance and entitlement.

    • God are you full of shit, and misplaced sense of white guilt. “You do not think?” Really? Were you there? If not, STFU.

    • Actually my brothers boyfriend was on the ground getting his face kicked and wasn’t really able to get a great look at their height and weight at that time for some reason. When they were done he got up and went after them while my brother stayed behind taking care of the blood coming out of his nose. The attacking party split up while his boyfriend was following them (2 black guys went one way, white guy and 2 girls went the other) He was on the phone with 911 and went after the guy and two girls as he was less likely to get more damage from that part of the original party. That’s when he was able to get a clearer assessment. I’m sure you’re quite able to take height and weight assessments of everyone during a crisis quite easily, because you’re perfect. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses your talents. BTW, my brother and his boyfriend were not drunk or standing outside the bar, they were a block away from it waiting for a ride.
      Does that clear everything up, you judgemental fuck?
      Thanks for the compassion.

    • Not a gay bashing? C’mon! Your comment is almost as homophobic as those who bash.

      I fervently hope the suspects are arrested, prosecuted, and receive significant jail time.

    • Because maybe that’s as detailed a description as the victims were able to give because it was traumatic you insensitive dolt.

  3. When someone is bashing your face in and calling you a faggot, it is about your sexual orientation. We weren’t leaving the bar either, we were waiting for a ride. Get the accurate facts before you start to criticize.

  4. For those of you getting your panties in a bunch over the identification of other races, I’d like to point out the the cross-race effect is a very real phenomenon. People are always able to distinguish features of people of their own race easier than those of other races. Studies prove it. It’s just how it is. Compound that with having just been assaulted, chasing after someone, and it being dark outside and it gets even more complicated. I’m sorry your white guilt can’t take it.

  5. I’m sorry you got the shit beaten out of you to close out Pride, and also for then being victim-blamed by armchair crime analysts on this forum. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  6. My heart goes out to the survivors and families in this senseless hate crime assault. As a member of the LGBT community, I have gotten more wary on the hill in the past couple of years when I hold my partner’s hand. Fortunately, we have never been assaulted, but certainly received our fair share of negative comments. To my LGBT community, let’s look out for each other and support one another. To my straight ally friends, please, please, please pay attention to what people around you are saying. It’s usually a lot easier for a straight person to de-escalate another straight person’s anger and showing that you are a supportive and unwavering ally to LGBT folks can make a huge difference.

  7. I’m sorry to hear this happened, again, in the community. It shouldn’t be tolerated and I just marched a couple of weeks ago on Capitol Hill to stop the violence. I seriously hope for a speedy recovery to all those involved, physically and emotionally.

    I’d also like to point everyone to the SPD Blotter that talked about the transgendered female that was repeatedly punched in the face off Capitol Hill on Yale & Denny by a m/f couple. Apparently they asked her if she “liked her parade” then started wailing. Very, very sad.