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Cupcake Royale adds Rodeo Donut to its Capitol Hill round-up

CHS ate these (Image: CHS)

CHS ate these (Image: CHS)

Back when CHS was a cowboy, our donuts were hard and leathery. This week, the cowboy donuts of Pike/Pine are getting a major upgrade as Cupcake Royale expands its Rodeo Donut offerings to its flagship E Pike cafe.

So you know exactly what kind of cowboy donut you’re dealing with, here’s a round-up of the flavor assortment:

The Rodeo Queen / Orange Blossom Honeysuckle / Whiskey Maple Bacon / Strawberry Buttermilk / Bonanza / Coconut Crème / Huckleberry Glazed / Salted Caramel Crème Brulee / Preserved Lemon/Cinnamon “n” Sug/Salted Pistachio / Crispy Chocolate / Tiramisu / Peanut Butter and Berry / Hazelnut toffee crunch / Mutton Buster / Apple*Bourbon*Bacon Fritters

Six of the special recipes are planned to be on offer every day at Cupcake Royale Capitol Hill. Friday on National Donut Day, Cupcake Royale is celebrating its new venture after a two-month trial in Ballard with free coffee.

unnamedThe Rodeo brioche-style donuts CHS sampled are practically full-on special cakes given their toppings and filings — not surprising given CR’s staple cupcake business.

“We want to change the way Seattle looks at donuts by starting with the way WE enjoy a donut,” the company’s Nicki Kerbs is quoted as saying in a press release on Rodeo. “Brioche dough that’s so light and not too sweet, glazes made daily from fresh ingredients, resulting in mouth-watering flavor concoctions that go far beyond a Maple Bar or Apple Fritter.”

It’s not the first sweet branch Cupcake Royale has added to its offerings. In 2012, the company added ice cream to its roster. Meanwhile, earlier this year, CHS reported on the launch of Goodship, Cupcake Royale founder Jody Hall’s marijuana edibles company.

Here’s more on Rodeo Donut from Cupcake Royale.


The spirit of the Rodeo Donut is get ‘em while they’re hot.  “We plan to make enough for everyone to enjoy, but our focus is fresh quality over quantity,” added Kerbs.  Naturally, fresh donuts pair perfectly with expertly crafted Stumptown espresso, which Cupcake Royale currently serves.

Rodeo Donut uses rich brioche dough for the base of all of the donuts.  Brioche is rich, fluffy, eggy, buttery bread that is slightly sweetened and serves as the perfect donut vehicle. Fillings are not from a jar, but created with fresh juices, purees, teas and spices.  Glazes are powerfully flavored, cleverly balanced and locally sourced.  Toppings compliment the glazes and are integral to every tasty bite they create.  Donuts are priced from $2.50 to $3 each with a baker’s dozen (13 donuts) when you buy 12.

The Rodeo Donut recipe box is made up from years of baking, eating, reading, and learning from the best. Six options will rotate daily from the flavors listed below, in addition to fresh combinations the donut geniuses will create each day!

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