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Blotter | Police investigating ride share driver who allegedly demanded sex for lost phone 

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  • Car service assault: A ride share driver allegedly tried to extort sex from a female customer when she attempted to retrieve her phone from the suspect’s car after being dropped off early Saturday morning at her house near 20th and E Republican Jefferson (UPDATE: SPD incorrectly reported the incident happened at 20th and Republican. We have notified SPD of the error), according to Seattle Police.The victim told police that after the suspect asked for sex in return for the phone, she reached into the car to grab the phone and the driver hit the gas, briefly dragging her behind his vehicle. Police are still working to identify the suspect.According to East Precinct radio dispatches, the victim’s friend who called police said the attacker was an Uber driver, but the SPD report on the incident identifies the company as Lyft — (Warning: Contains explicit language)

    Warning: Contains explicit language

    The victim was treated by Seattle Fire for an injured foot.

    Here is the SPD Blotter post on the incident:
    Detectives are investigating a for-hire driver after a woman reported he tried to extort sex from her and later dragged her behind his vehicle when she tried to get him to return her lost phone.

    The woman told police that soon after the driver dropped her at her home near 20th Avenue East and East Republican Street East Jefferson around 1:30 Saturday morning, she discovered she’d left her phone in the car.

    When the woman called her cellphone, the driver answered. He initially refused to return the woman’s phone, but said he would bring it back to her if she would have sex with him.

    The woman convinced the driver to return to her home, and met him out on the street. She spoke to the driver as he sat inside his car, and saw he was holding her phone. When she reached inside his vehicle to retrieve her phone, the driver sped away, dragging the woman a short distance down the street, leaving her with cuts on her legs, feet, arms and hands.

    After the driver left, the woman was able to contact a friend, who called police for her.

    Police arrived at the woman’s home and took her report and details from her receipt, which only identified the driver by his first name.

    Officers later discovered that while they were interviewing the victim, a patrol car camera recorded a sedan—similar to the suspect’s —driving slowly past the woman’s home.

    Robbery detectives are investigating the case and are working with the ride-share company to identify the driver.

  • Taxi robbery reported: A couple who jumped their cab fare near 21st and E Olive early Saturday morning are being investigated for robbery: Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.54.36 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.54.42 PM
  • Park robbery: Another Cal Anderson robbery was reported early Saturday morning just before 2 AM:Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.57.50 PMThe victim was found walking near E Denny Way and 10th Ave E crying after the attack:
    Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.57.38 PM
  • Shoplift suspect allegedly caught with 12 vials of drugs: A suspect busted Tuesday for allegedly trying to steal three cans of “Crew” firming cream from a business in the 1400 block of Broadway could face more serious charges after allegedly trying to dump vials of painkiller inside his cell following his arrest:
    Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.03.06 PMThe suspect was booked into King County Jail for investigation of robbery for allegedly striking and running from a loss prevention employee during the noontime incident.
  • ‘Women should not drive SUV’s’: A woman reported an altercation with a man in the Safeway parking lot near 14th and John Saturday morning that is being investigated as an assault after the suspect was seen flicking a lit cigarette into the woman’s vehicle and telling her she shouldn’t drive an SUV — and that women drivers made him sick. Here’s part of the report on the charmer from SPD. There have been no arrests on the incident that was reported by the victim and seen by witnesses around 11:45 AM Saturday:Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.10.25 PM
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