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Throw your own $1K Capitol Hill block party

Why let these guys have all the fun! You should throw a block party — like the ones pictured here from around the Hill in 2014. And you should consider using the city’s Small Sparks Fund to help pay for it so you can invite everybody:

If your neighborhood needs funding to participate in the 31st Annual Night Out on August 4, the Neighborhood Matching Fund may be able to help. However, you’ll need to apply now to its Small Sparks Fund because the deadline is Monday, June 22 at 5:00 p.m.

The Small Sparks Fund provides matching dollars for neighborhood-initiated projects that promote community engagement. Community groups can request up to $1000 to help fund Night Out planning efforts and activities such as outreach efforts, educational fairs, bike parades, and neighborhood cleanups, to name a few. Even though the deadline for applications is June 22, you’ll need to register first in our web-based application system by June 19.

You can learn more about the fund here.

Meanwhile, if you live in the Central District, you can also get help turning your street into a play street:11400997_10206947173856502_6145360084459798473_n

We could not be more excited to get TWENTY FOUR of these Play Street boxes out in the Central District this summer as part of SDOT’s “Play Street Program”.

Get your FREE box of great outdoor equipment by following these easy steps:

1. Live and host a play street in the CD, which we are defining as north of I-90, (but including that little wedge of Colman Triangle), south of Madison, East of 12th or Rainier, West of 30th.

2. Apply for SDOT Play Street Program.

3. Take approved SDOT permit for your play street to Centerstone at 18th/Cherry.

4. Get FREE PLAY STREET BOX! for a whole bunch of fun and games on your CD street!

Can’t host a play street in the CD but know someone who might? Please share! Questions? Drop us an email: Thanks to Swedish for lending us a hand to make this possible.


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3 thoughts on “Throw your own $1K Capitol Hill block party

  1. These events happen all over the city. There are several in the Central District each year. They are great events, and sadly are the only time neighbors get together. They are valuable because they do bring people out of their houses and allow everyone to share contact information. We set up our event without the city funds. I can’t imagine that it would cost $1,000 to set up a Night Out block party. At most, it would take $25 to photocopy some flyers. There is a map of block parties on the Seattle website, because you do have to apply to close a street.

    • Glad to hear this is happening in the CD. I didn’t see any listed on the map in our neighborhood. I think I walked past a few last year, but I wasn’t sure if they were open to the public or just regular bbqs. My neighbors and I are finally having a get together in a couple of weeks since a new couple just moved in next door. The neighborhood is so much better when you know the people you see every day!