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SPD seeks community feedback for East Precinct’s ‘Micro Community Policing Plan’

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 7.48.03 PMSPD’s latest SeaStat analytics-focused policing report (PDF) featured the current Capitol Hill “micro community policing” priorities and the previous period’s numbers on assaults and robberies.

CHS saw an email looking for responses about public safety sent to an area community group and asked for information about the process — and if we could share the opportunity to respond with CHS readers.

Here’s what SPD research assistant Matt Thomas tells CHS about the call for feedback to inform SPD’s Micro Community Policing Plan for the East Precinct:

The questions are meant to engage the community regarding their feelings/opinions of public safety issues in their neighborhood and what they would like to see from the Seattle Police Department in order to solve them.  This is part of the Micro-Community Policing Plans, which are an ongoing initiative to increase feelings of safety and quality of life around Seattle.  My job as a Research Assistant is to assist SPD with the implementation of these plans, as well as to observe the process and outcome of the plans.

CHS wrote about the community policing plans here.

Here are the three questions being asked:

1. What are the top three public safety issues that create a sense of fear for you in your neighborhood?
2. How do your public safety concerns fit into the larger public safety issues in the East Precinct?
3. Tell us what you want to see from the East Precinct in relation to the three public safety concerns you identified above?

If you’ve got opinions on how SPD should be protecting East Precinct, here’s the official survey document (DOCX). Send your responses to

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