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What the Float ‘floating dance party’ hits Capitol Hill

(Image: What the Float)

(Image: What the Float)

Capitol Hill Block Party has come and gone but an event planned for the streets of Capitol Hill Friday night will give you another excuse to boogie down on E Pike.

The What the Float “floating dance party” is bringing its NYC-born concept to Pike/Pine.

“It’s all about the music and the landscape,” Wesley Fruge of Forward Flux Productions tells CHS. “A lot of thought went into the route.”

Here’s how What the Float works:

We’ll start at a secret location in Capitol Hill, and from there, the music will take us on a groove odyssey as we explore the city and our own innermost selves. The groove will be piped directly into our brains (through headphones, natch), but to anyone not a part of our party, we will seem eerily silent. Mundane spaces will become surreal dance platforms, mild-mannered civilians will become fearless booty-shaking superstars. The power of the FLOAT will swell within you, and you’ll give yourselves entirely to the dance in a way you never dreamed possible.

Tickets were still available for $15 as of Friday noon. Participants note, you will be part of the show: “indemnity and likeness waiver must be signed at the venue before you depart on the Float (no law suits, and we can snap pics).”

Fruge said onlookers don’t always know what to make of the groove. “Part of the fun about What the Float is bringing people onto the sidewalks,” he said. “Everyone has kind of a different take. Some people start joining in. It’s really an interesting experience.”

As for advice for first-time floaters, Fruge said it’s simple. “Don’t bring a lot of stuff. Have a great attitude.”

The float starts Friday at Saint John’s at 8:30 PM. You can learn more at

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