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You can now purchase ‘technical luxury’ at Kit and Ace Capitol Hill

(Image: CHS)

(Image: CHS)

IMG_5992Vancouver, BC-based Kit and Ace has opened on Pike just across the street from the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Melrose Market.

The new store is a world away from the longtime former tenant of the space, Uncle Elizabeth’s, the last of Capitol Hill’s internet cafes. Demand for commercial space in Pike/Pine is reportedly high despite a flood of new construction. Occult and magick retailer Edge of the Circle got the boot from its 20-year-plus Pike home as its new landlord said it was fielding lots of interest for the space. Edge has since landed in the U-District. Nearby, a giant 10,000 square-foot mystery retailer is lined up for new construction. Meanwhile, the demand apparently has a new space to absorb as Atomic Cosmetics has shuttered.

CHS wrote about the arrival of Kit and Ace on Capitol Hill in June. The “technical luxury” clothing retailer was created by J.J. Wilson, son of Lululemon founder Chip Wilson, and J.J.’s stepmom Shannon Wilson.

So what, exactly, does “technical luxury” mean?

(Image: Kit and Ace)

(Image: Kit and Ace)

Luxury is in the details. From hem to neckline and from the inside out, we consider how you move throughout your day. We create fabric compositions that are versatile, functional and designed with your comfort in mind. Kit and Ace clothing gives you unrestrained freedom, so there are no limits to your range of motion. This is luxury made to live in.

J.J. told CHS “the Capitol Hill area is us” in June. With the new company plans to open 50 shops worldwide by the end of 2015, J.J. said Seattle’s new minimum wage laws were never a factor in deciding to open a store here. “We’re huge fans of the emerging creative class and the real estate factor has to be there — the right space on the right street,” Wilson said.

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12 thoughts on “You can now purchase ‘technical luxury’ at Kit and Ace Capitol Hill

  1. Reminds me of Gap, which is going under, and I’m wondering how they expect to do well when everyone is online shopping now. Also, most of their men’s stuff looks too generic and/or workout-style. Guess some of the techbros and woo girls will enjoy it…sigh.

    “J.J. told CHS “the Capitol Hill area is us” in June.” Seriously??

  2. I agree, the statement, “the Capitol Hill area is us” is completely nauseating and ridiculous. It reminds me of how everything on Capitol Hill is now marketed with stupid slogans. Am I the only person who thinks the advertising for apartments is absurd? They all try to sell a “lifestyle.” Do people really buy into this crap? When I last looked at apartments, I selected the one that appealed my aesthetics and was in a good enough location. There were no posters featuring vapid people drinking coffee at a café or cute pictures of dogs trying to sell the apartment.

  3. I hate to say this. I do. Raised on 23rd. Spent many a morning at the coffee window that predated Uncle Elizabeth’s when I lived around that corner. Hate so much of what’s happening to Cap Hill retail. This chain is opening stores all over, targeting wherever artisanal style has been whipped into conspicuous consumption. Using money from daddy, the Lululemon Ayn Rand lover.

    (Lowers voice to whisper) I got a pair of pants online from Kit and Ace six months ago, and the fit, uniquely light and strong fabric, construction, and durability are good. Really good. I wear them literally every day.

    I hate to say this. I do. (Runs away.)

  4. I haven’t been in, but it is nice to have more retail in the neighborhood, which brings more daytime activity. It can’t be all restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

  5. $90 grey cotton T-shirts? Jesus.

    Normally I understand if you want to pay people decently your price point has to reflect that. But $90 cotton t-shirts? Seriously? I’m betting the sales people aren’t paid $60 per hour.

    I’ve never said this before but, man, I hope those assholes go out of business so fast. Otherwise humanity is doomed.