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CHS Community Post | To the person whose dog attacked my dog at Cal Anderson Park on Saturday

unnamed-62Hi there.

You may recall that we met briefly at the park. You were a tall and thin guy with dark hair, wearing mirrored sunglasses and mismatched-patterned clothing. You seemed to be enjoying the day with your two large dogs–a German Shepard-like, and a grey poodle–when my 6-pound chihuahua/terrier mix Oliver wandered over on his leash to say hi.

Oliver was sniffing one of your dogs, the German Shepherd-looking one, who was friendly. A second later, your grey poodle viciously attacked Oliver, biting him in the head. Like, my dog’s entire head was in your dog’s mouth, between its teeth.

After pulling the dogs apart, I saw that Oliver had some gashes on his forehead and a spot of blood below his eye, so I decided to go to Urban Animal down the street.

On me telling you that I was taking Oliver to the vet, you graciously offered an immediate diagnosis of Oliver’s condition, saying, “He’s fine.” Even upon my pointing out that Oliver was bleeding, hence he was probably not fine, you didn’t express any concern or feel compelled to offer up an apology. You were, after all, busy rubbing your dog’s belly. The one who tried to bite my dog’s head off.

I went back to the park to look for you after they sedated Oliver so they could tend to his wounds and you weren’t there. I went to SPD and asked if there was anything I should’ve done; they said I could’ve called 911, and they would’ve responded and waited for Animal Control. Your luck, I guess.

$239 and a whole lot of dog trauma and angst later, Oliver is recovering with a suture for the bite under his eye, multiple gashes on his head, and a scratched eyeball. Because your dog tried to bite his head off.

At the minimum, an apology would be nice. Offering to pay for the bill that was caused by your dog trying to bite my dog’s head off would be even nicer.

And if I ever see you with your dogs, you’ll have to give me a pretty good reason not to call Animal Control because, yeah, your dog attacks other dogs and you don’t really seem to care.unnamed-61

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3 thoughts on “CHS Community Post | To the person whose dog attacked my dog at Cal Anderson Park on Saturday

  1. Were all dogs on or off leash? If all were off leash, then all parties are contributory and should bear 1/2 the costs, not all. If one party was on leash and under control then the off leash party should pay the full costs. Chihuahuas and small terriers (I have several) are often irritatingly barky and use aggressive behavior so the larger dog might have seen it as an aggressive moves. Not trying to ‘blame the victim’ here but it seems that perhaps both parties are responsible. Not going to be a popular call but it is probably what a small claims court would render.

    • All dogs were on leash.

      I don’t blame the dog, or even care that much about fault or the bill itself. I blame the owner of the dog, who couldn’t even be bothered enough to apologize for his dog’s behavior or offer up even the slightest bit of concern over a bleeding dog.

  2. Gee Sophie Carins, or Joanna McGinn, yes you are trying to blame the victim, because the attacking dog was not a pit bull. So therefore, you think this woman is lying. It is what all of you DBO cult members do, is lie and harass anyone that doesn’t fit your agenda, of exterminating a “type” of dog! Oh, and what is that you people always say? Something about, they can’t blame a poodle? lol But honestly, this person has every right to be mad, and at least get an apology. They know, it was totally the owners fault. I hope your dog has a speedy recovery