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In preparation for opening (soon), Ernest Loves Agnes brings in NYC pizza expert

Jarvis undoubtedly talking mozzarella with Falco (Image: Guild Seattle)

Speaking of pizza, finishing touches are going on in the major overhaul of the old Kingfish Cafe on 19th Ave E in preparation for the opening of the new Ernest Loves Agnes Italian joint and bar from the Guild Seattle folks behind Lost Lake, the Comet, Grim’s, and more. Finishing touches are also going on in the kitchen.

Guild Seattle has flown in Anthony Falco — “pizza czar at Roberta’s in Brooklyn, NY” — to “hang out and make pizza” with ELA chef Mac Jarvis.

“Anthony is no stranger to Seattle, and comes here annually for family vacation,” the Guild announcement says. “While on vacation from pizza, he likes to make pizza.”

“We packed up the team and we headed out on an Italian food tour in New York City this past spring,” Guild’s Jason Lajeunesse said. “I reached out to long time friend Anthony Falco to come eat with us, talk food and catch up. After we spent a couple nights hanging out and touring his work space and restaurant and eating and drinking together at some of his favorite places, I asked him if he would be interested in spending some time with us during his vacation to kicking around pizza recipes while back in town.”

“We are excited to have fun in the kitchen this week,” Lajeunesse said.

Jarvis also heads the kitchen at Grim’s and has also worked at Lost Lake and at 15th Ave’s Smith. This is her first opening as an “executive chef.”

The Hemingway-inspired Ernest Loves Agnes is planned as a dual restaurant and bar featuring “hand-made pizzas and pastas in a cool, comfortable space” with a “thoughtfully crafted menu” that will be “seasonally driven and locally sourced.”

If Hemingway actually said “the first draft of anything is shit,” those looking forward to ELA should be happy to hear about the Falco practice sessions.

Ernest Loves Agnes is currently slated for a mid-September opening.

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3 thoughts on “In preparation for opening (soon), Ernest Loves Agnes brings in NYC pizza expert

    • Based on how well Big Mario’s has done, I’d guess a lot of people don’t share your opinion of New York-style pizza.