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Meet your District 3 neighbors at Capitol Hill’s Good Citizen

An early look at the Good Citizen (Images: CHS)

This might be the most CHS way to spend Election Night+Seattle Night Out… ever: gathering with the enthusiasts from the 1,500-member strong District 3 Facebook Group at a not-quite-opened yet bar/coffee shop from a maverick Capitol Hill business owner who doesn’t mind stirring in a little controversy with his hand-crafted cocktails.11731648_10101401571940650_2586898075146106463_o

SEATTLE DISTRICT 3: Meet Your Neighbors:

Come meet your neighbors; enjoy hearty conversations about our neighborhoods, our district, and our city; and connect with people!

August 4 – 6PM – Good Citizen Bar

*Registered as an official Seattle Night Out event

Party! More about other area Seattle Night Out parties here — including the annual City Market BBQ. Meanwhile, it’s Primary Night with the first ballot counts expected around 8:15 PM. Your ballot, by the way, is due by 8 PM. Here is our CHS 2015 Primary Election coverage if you’re looking for any last minute guidance. We’re also conducting a non-scientific D3 poll here.

Capitol Hill will also be full of primary parties Tuesday night. Here is who will be celebrating where:

After we jumped the gun apparently earlier this year, we can now tell you Good Citizen is planned to open for coffee only to start later this summer, owner Andrew Friedman tells CHS. In addition to meeting your neighbors, you’ll have a chance to check out the soon-to-be-really-open joint.



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One thought on “Meet your District 3 neighbors at Capitol Hill’s Good Citizen

  1. If you want to watch the results with a bunch of folks who are just drinking and want to watch the results, come to the Comet Tavern. We’ll have them on the big screen. Followed by Bingo.