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Man stuck between buildings rescued on 12th Ave

(Image: Alex Garland for CHS)

(Image: Alex Garland for CHS)

Firefighters rescued a man found unresponsive and trapped between two buildings near 12th and Madison Thursday morning.

Seattle Fire Department rescue crews were called to the scene at Trace Lofts North just after 9 AM, where the male patient was found unresponsive in a narrow area about five-foot across, according to a SFD spokesperson.

A technical rescue team was able to lift the man out using a rope system, then navigated him through a first floor unit window. The patient was alert following the rescue and did not appear to have any significant injuries from a fall.

Medics determined the man suffered from a seizure, but were unclear why he was between the two buildings, the SFD spokesperson said.

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7 thoughts on “Man stuck between buildings rescued on 12th Ave

  1. We live adjacent to this wall, and heard a faint sobbing or moaning from 2:30-3:30am, intermittently about every 5 minutes. Thought it was just a neighbor or someone in the street coming down off a bad drug ride. Didn’t hear any cries for help, and nothing in the morning about 7-9am.

    If that was actually him, it’s terrible to think he might have been stuck in there for almost 8 hours!

    • I live on the trace north building. Fire fighters came in through my unit this morning to rescue him.

      I heard a loud noise around 2 am. My dog went bonkers and started barking like crazy. I took a peek but couldn’t see anything out there, except my bikes knocked off the bike rack.

      I’m fairly certain that might have been when he fell down. Scary to think about it, but he was probably trying to break in.