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More fashion retail in Pike/Pine as ‘sophisticated’ Killion moves in next to Bill’s

(Images: Killion)

Bill’s Off Broadway is back with the same cheap beer after a two-year timeout but the neighbors have changed. Menswear fashion boutique Killion — with stores also in NYC’s Orchard Estate and in Melrose in LA — has opened on Harvard Ave in the new Cue building where Bill’s overhauled new home holds down the corner at Pine.

(Image: Killion)

(Image: Killion)

The upscale-ish retailer is described as “offering a sophisticated selection of essential garments at highly desirable price-points” in this Tiger Beat-style heavy-breather on the Jonas bros going shopping in LA. We didn’t find out much more on the store’s “About Us” page:

Killion is a modern menswear line offering a sophisticated selection of essential garments at highly desirable price-points. The customer is our strongest consideration in establishing a collection with a deep appreciation for quality, refined fits, and timeless yet progressive design.
At Killion, we neglect the traditional wholesale-to-retail model essentially by cutting out the middle-men to provide premium quality products at a fair cost directly to the end-consumer. This simply means that there won’t be any added mark-ups in our prices allowing you to purchase high-end value without overpaying.

“Our products will never be mass-produced or distributed to retailers and items will never be restocked once they are sold out, nor will it go on sale,” the retailer promises.

We’re hoping to make contact with the seemingly elusive people behind the company to try to find out more about Killion’s founders and plans.

The sparsely decorated store is open for business on Harvard but there’s not any signage out front. Prices run from the high $20s to $30s for shirts with pants in the $50 and up. Judging by the number of items listed as “sold out” online, it appears that the uncertainty of inventory is part of the fun.

Another space neighboring Bill’s is also lined up for a new tenant as the longtime auto repair business that also called the corner home before redevelopment will not be returning to Harvard and Pine.

Killion’s debut follows the opening of “technical luxury” clothier Kit and Ace on E Pike earlier this summer. Buoyed by the arrival of Totokaelo on 10th Ave in 2012, luxury and upper-scale clothing retail has joined vintage and thrifting as a growing component of Pike/Pine retail. “Hippie-chic” boutique Haute Hibou made the move from Ballard into the neighborhood this summer while men’s footwear and sneaker boutique Likelihood opened in the spring.

Meanwhile, CHS reported last week on the impending closure of longtime purveyor of Pike/Pine kink, The Crypt.

You can learn more at

(Image: Killion)

(Image: Killion)

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12 thoughts on “More fashion retail in Pike/Pine as ‘sophisticated’ Killion moves in next to Bill’s

    • it actually seems to be a more fashion-forward menswear store so, likely, i see more gay men shopping there than straight ones. but you know…generalize much w/o knowing what you’re talking about?