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‘Thousands of years of history,’ bottle by bottle, at Broadway’s EuroPub beer room


IMG_1625We did not make EuroPub up.

After a longer than expected construction process, the project from European beer importer Witold Szczepaniak is quietly opening on a limited schedule in the overhauled mini-mart neighboring Phoenix Comics and the Perfect Copy shop just down from Dick’s Drive-In.IMG_1636

Szczepaniak is also not a figment of CHS’s imagination. Szczepaniak and partners build out the old Super 97 Cent into a bottle shop and beer room smack in the heart of Broadway. There are TVs. And there are lots of places to sit. And there is lots and lots of beer. EuroPub is cousin to Browar Polska, a tasting room version of Szczepaniak’s concept in SoDo. It might remind you a little of a European-focused version of Chuck’s — call this one Witold’s.

“It’s an idea that has been in the back of my head,” Szczepaniak told CHS earlier this year. “We need to educate people about the really good beer and thousands of years of history.”

For now, EuroPub is limited to a Thursday through Saturday venture with hours running from 5 PM to midnight. A grand opening is in the offing along with the likely expansion of hours.

EuroPub is located at 109 Broadway E.

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12 thoughts on “‘Thousands of years of history,’ bottle by bottle, at Broadway’s EuroPub beer room

  1. This is really great. Having just been in Poland again this summer, I know how good their beer is! (Yes, they have beers from everywhere, but I’m sure they must have a Polish selection.)

    But won’t this effort be short-lived if they’re tearing down this building? Or is this a separate building from the post office?

  2. That’s either the greatest ironic bad logo/sign in Seattle, or the worst logo/sign in Seattle. It looks like it was created in Print Shop circa 1994.