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  1. Another canard oft grumbled by critics of this pedestrian pilot is “Why can’t the city to something for the residents of Capitol Hill? Shutting the streets down to cars on Fri/Sat only benefits the folks from out of town who come to Pike/Pine to party on the weekends”

    While I am no fan of poorly-behaved tourists and others who come to the neighborhood on the weekend, the city’s data indicate that 36% of those present are residents of the Hill/CD/First Hill. Another 36% from the remainder of Seattle.

    So the idea that Pike/Pine is totally populated by non-Seattle King County residents is not supported by the city’s data. Say what you will about the accuracy of these numbers, but at least it’s a data-drive attempt.

    With 36% from the immediate neighborhoods and another 36% from the rest of the city, the notion that this pilot doesn’t aim to benefit residents of Capitol Hill/CD/First Hill is simply wrong.

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