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Where to see the blood moon eclipse from Capitol Hill

Just before 7 PM Sunday, you’ll want to find a clear view to the east for the 2015 blood moon eclipse — a rare celestial event you actually have a chance at seeing from Capitol Hill.

Seattle is not a good city for stargazers but predictions are that Sunday’s total lunar eclipse *probably* won’t be a big giant disappointment. The forecasts look good for a relatively clear sky above Seattle around moonrise at 6:54 Sunday night. By that time, the process of alignment for the sun, moon, and earth will have started. Totality arrives at 7:11 PM and lasts 72 minutes.

Then, of course, comes the apocalypse.

But — before End Times hit — you should consider bundling up and visiting your favorite eastward view around Capitol Hill. Louisa Boren Park is a great choice and you’ll likely be sharing the view with a good crowd of moon lovers. But it’s a big moon and even bigger sky — let us know where you’ll be watching. Louisa Boren Park Night View

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