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Vote: 5 last questions for Sawant and Banks

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 2.49.06 PMFor the primary, CHS readers voted on a set of questions to ask the District 3 candidates ranging from Q1: How will you promote an inclusive neighborhood and what steps will you take to end LGBT hate crimes in Capitol Hill? to Q11: How will you capture and respond to (in a timely manner) the challenges, complaints, issues of the citizens in your district?

Here’s your chance to get specific with last questions for Kshama Sawant and Pamela Banks.

It’s a tight turnaround — we’ll grab the five best questions Friday at noon and post the candidate answers as soon as possible. You can find the latest CHS election coverage here.
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2 thoughts on “Vote: 5 last questions for Sawant and Banks

  1. Favorite color? Favorite flower? Seriously? What are we, 10 years old? What kind of twits came up with these questions? It’s really disturbing to think you people might actually vote.

    • Don’t be a twit, Jim. We threw in some of the vapid crap we’d figured we’d see before the election season ran out. Maybe we got fancy and filtered out anybody who voted for them :)