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Métier sets the pace as new cafe + bike gym + training center opens on E Union

While one of the area’s planned pack of bicycle-focused cafes is still working to open its doors and get into the race, the largest venture coming to the streets around Capitol Hill with a mix of bikes, beer, coffee, and gear is off to a solid start on E Union.

CHS stopped by Métier Racing and Coffee this weekend as the “new athletic training and lifestyle destination” celebrated its grand opening on the backside of Pike/Pine.

“We looked at many different options, and really wanted a central location. A good meet-in-the-middle place for people in Seattle, and those coming from the Eastside, too,” co-owner Todd Herriott said in the new facility’s announcement. “We found our ideal location on Capitol Hill and we are excited about being part of its growth.”


Favorites - 1 of 1CHS broke the news early this year on the new headquarters for the Herriott Sports Performance company that made the climb to Capitol Hill after seven years near Seattle Pacific University.

Métier will soon be joined by another bike cafe — but Peloton’s buildout near 12th and Jefferson has taken longer than was hoped by the first-time business owners who came together via Seattle’s bike polo scene. The plan for another bicycle-focused cafe and retail business in Pike/Pine had to be scrapped but the entrepreneur behind the venture says he is looking for another location.

Where Peloton is blue jeans and bike polo, Métier too, wants to cater to cyclists of all stripes but has resources sure to appeal to the riders looking to take things up a gear or two:

The new venture –an impressive 12,500 square-foot, multi-level facility on Capitol Hill’s Union Street –will house a gym with men’s and women’s locker room facilities, a bicycle service center, retail space and café. But Métier is much more than a rebranding and expansion of HSP – it’s a whole new concept for a new, wider audience.

“We hope that people of all interests and abilities can use Métier as a place they want to hang out -– train in the gym with top-notch consultants, take a yoga class, check out new bikes and equipment, have a drink or watch a game or a race on the big screen,” Herriott says in the grand opening announcement.

The transformed space was previously home to the Lifelong Thrift Shop which reopened on Broadway in March.

The opening, while impressive, may not be the glossiest in the latest wave of development on E Union. Last week, CHS reported on the opening of the new Renee Erickson trio of projects — Bar Melusine, Bateau, and General Porpoise Coffee and Doughnuts —  set to further spread Pike/Pine to the south.

IMG_4458And there may be glossier yet. This is what Optimism Brewing looks like as it prepares to open soon at Broadway and Union. Husband and wife team Gay Gilmore and Troy Hakala paid $6.15 million for the auto row-era building now home to the massive brewing project. “Optimism is a brewery, not a brewpub, focused solely on making beer,” early marketing for the project reads. “We will not have a kitchen or serve food. Instead, we are creating space for an ever-changing group of 2-3 food trucks to drive into the building and serve food.” Hopefully there’s some parking for bikes.

Meanwhile, this is the last time we’ll type “Métier.” Metier. There. That’s better.

Metier is located at 1017 E Union. Hours are 7 AM to 9 PM daily. You can learn more at


Metier’s reclaimed cafe chairs were once part of the UW Anthropology Department

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10 thoughts on “Métier sets the pace as new cafe + bike gym + training center opens on E Union

  1. Metier seems like a very unusual, yet intriguing, combination of not-obviously-related businesses. I have to wonder if this business model will work, but I wish them every success in their new venture.

  2. “we are creating space for an ever-changing group of 2-3 food trucks to DRIVE into the building and serve food”

    I trust they are familiar with the negative health benefits of carbon monoxide in an enclosed space (not to mention the plain old stink of diesel exhaust)

  3. Their manifesto (er, “Anthem”) is a bit overripe, but I guess it’s fitting for a “lifestyle destination”…

  4. Métier: please remember to also cater to non-Lycra-heads. Not all of us are built like tanks!

    Also, don’t forget us women. She Bikes Cascade has been pretty sweet about being welcoming, inclusive, with awesome rides and programs.

    With this and more, you sound awesome, and I can’t wait to go and see what you offer! :)