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No need for Broadway nostalgia — Tiny TNT Espresso back in business

Rock is ready to pour you a tall one (Images: CHS)

Rock is ready to pour you a tall one (Images: CHS)

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? No, really, should they? Not on Broadway where we seem to be ending 2015 with some nostalgia-erasing revivals.

TNT Espresso, the tiny, 80-square-foot coffee stand in the teriyaki restaurant parking lot at Broadway and Harrison, was back in business this chilly Monday morning, serving up hot tea and milky pours from a new owner happy to be able to keep Capitol Hill’s last* drive-thru coffee shack alive — even after CHS already wrote its obituary.

Rock Sielaff said he decided to purchase the business from longtime friend Monica Anaya and return to the Hill from Chicago after a short adventure away from his longtime stomping grounds.

Sielaff tells CHS he is a longtime part of the Hill’s gay bar scene with tours of duty at Purr and Manray. The coffee stand’s new video screen might put you in a Manray mood. If the music videos make you want to dance, go for it. It will help ward off the winter chill headed Sielaff’s way for the next few months as the barman makes his transition behind the coffee counter. Sielaff said he’s ready — “It’s pretty much like being a daytime bartender,” he said.

TNT Espresso -- Broadway - 3 of 4

Not much more has changed at the coffee stand though Sielaff has a new menu. He’s keeping the TNT name for now and is hoping to keep later hours. He’s also ready to make the ultimate coffee sacrifice — TNT will be open Thanksgiving morning.

The reopening is part of a good week for Capitol Hill drive-thru food and drink — go figure! Rancho Bravo just did its first weekend of business with the old fast food restaurant’s drive-thru reactivated after years of dormancy.

TNT’s rebirth also joins another Broadway end-of-2015 nostalgia erasure with a legendary space kicked back into motion as an overhauled Charlie’s is set to open under new ownership later this week.

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